Rand Paul Video Paves the Way for Tuesday Presidential Announcement: “A Different Kind of Republican Leader” – Video 4/5/15

An outtake from the previous interview clip, here is Sen. Rand Paul in reaction to a statement by Ben Shapiro, “Let’s say you become President Paul. . . “

I don’t think there is much doubt that Rand Paul will run for President in 2016. He sounds like a candidate, increasingly making short, direct statements guaranteed to get him in the news headlines – at least among conservative media. His strong statement in support of Israel in this same interview is important going forward. His tough questioning of Hillary Clinton earlier this week also propelled him to the top of the news headlines. All the way back in November, just after the 2012 Election, Paul was making it clear he is interested in making a run.

Sen. Rand Paul on possibly becoming “President Paul”: “I Like the Ring of That” – Video 1/24/13

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