Sen. Rand Paul Slams “Gossipy” Websites that Noticed His Tepid Response to Netanyahu Speech – Video 3/4/15


Sen. Rand Paul Wins CPAC 2015 Presidential Straw Poll; Gov. Scott Walker Finishes a Strong Second – 2/28/15

Sen. Rand Paul Speech at CPAC 2015; Receives Raucous Welcome – Video 2/27/15

John Kasich Responds to Rand Paul Criticism: “You Mean Sen. RON Paul? Oh, I get them Confused Sometimes” – Video 2/22/15

Latest 2012 Presidential Election Polls

Bloomberg Poll (1/31-2/5/15): Jeb Bush Leads New Hampshire GOP Presidential Poll; Rand Paul, Scott Walker Close Behind

Sen. Rand Paul’s Contentious Interview with CNBC’s Kelly Evans – Video 2/2/15

MSNBC’s Willie Geist Calls Sen. Ran Paul’s Vaccination Remarks, “Disturbing” – Video 2/3/15

Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio Stand Strong against a Nuclear Iran at Koch Presidential Forum – Video 1/25/15

Sen. Rand Paul Describes Obama’s Demeanor as “Kind of Petulant” – Video 1/20/15

Sen. Rand Paul Accuses Sen. Marco Rubio of “Isolationism” towards Cuba; Calls Rubio’s Attack on him, “Rude and Intemperate” – Video 12/19/14

Sen. Rand Paul Worries for Hillary about the “Rigorous Physical Ordeal” of Running for President – Video Report 11/9/14

Sen. Rand Paul would Support Airstrikes against ISIS; Calls on “Civilized Islam” to Rise Up and Destroy Radicals like ISIS – Video 9/5/14

Sen. Rand Paul: If Obama has No Strategy on ISIS, “Maybe It’s Time for a New President” – Video 8/29/14

Krauthammer: Sen. Rand Paul Essentially Running on “Obama’s Foreign Policy of Retreat” – Video 8/27/14

Sen. Rand Paul Zings Chris Christie, Hillary Clinton in “Word Association” Question – Video 8/13/14

Sen. Rand Paul Skewers Democrat Senate Candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes with a Poem at Kentucky’s “Fancy Farm Picnic” – Video 8/2/14

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