Sen. Rand Paul Reaches “Breakthrough Idea” on ObamaCare Repeal: Split the Issue into Two Bills – Video 6/28/17

Sen. Rand Paul on Trump Firing of FBI Director James Comey: The Firing “Couldn’t come Fast Enough” – Video 5/10/17

Sen. Rand Paul is Already Attacking GOP Replacement Plan for ObamaCare; Touts His own Plan – Video 3/7/17

Sen. Rand Paul Drops Out of the 2016 Presidential Race – Video 2/3/16

Rubio Effectively Avoids Question on Paying for Proposals by Attacking Rand Paul as “a Committed Isolationist” – Video 11/10/15

Molly Ball on CNN: Rand Paul’s Presidential Campaign “Officially on Death Watch” – Video 10/4/15

Rand Paul Attacks Donald Trump as a “Fake,” Full of “Bombast” – Video 9/14/15

Donald Trump

Donald Trump Responds on Twitter to Rand Paul Attacks: “Rand Paul Reminds Me of a Spoiled Brat. . . . ” – 8/10/15

“Morning Joe” Crew Consensus: Rand Paul was the Big Loser in the First Presidential Debate – Video 8/7/15

Key GOP Debate Moment: Chris Christie Destroys Rand Paul on National Security – Video 8/6/15

New Anti-Rand Paul Ad Features American Family being Obliterated by a Nuclear Attack from Iran – Video 8/6/15

Rand Paul Releases New Ad Outlining “Fair and Flat Tax Plan”; Eliminates IRS, Abolishes Payroll Taxes, Establishes 14.5% Flat Tax on Income over $50,000 for a Family – Video 6/18/15

John McCain Slams Rand Paul for Violating the Rules of the Senate as Paul tried to Interrupt Sen. Dan Coats – Video 5/31/15

Sen. Rand Paul Admits “I may well have Exaggerated” in Accusing Opponents of Secretly wanting another Attack on the U.S. – Video 6/1/15

What Next after Rand Paul Succeeds at Ending Key Surveillance Provisions of the Patriot Act? – Video 6/1/15

Pro-Rand Paul PAC Runs Truly Awful Ad Calling Ted Cruz the “Capitulating Canadian” – Video 5/29/15

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