Sen. Rand Paul on “Fox News Sunday”: A U.S. Attack on Syria Helps Al-Qaeda in Syria – Video 9/8/13

Sen. Rand Paul Schools John Kerry on U.S. Constitution Giving Congress – Not Obama – the Power to Declare War – Video 9/3/13

Sen. Rand Paul: Helping Radical Islamic Rebels Win in Syria Will Lead to Christian Persecution – Video 9/1/13

Sen. Rand Paul Reacts to Obama Decision on Syria; Says He’s “Proud” of Obama for Following the Constitution; Won’t Vote for War – Video 8/31/13

Sen. Rand Paul: President Obama “Fundamentally Misunderstands the Constitutional Separation of Powers” – Video 8/18/13

Sen. Rand Paul Says it is a “Big Mistake” for Chris Christie to Attack Libertarians; Says GOP can Win back Young Voters by Defending the Right to Privacy – Video 8/13/13

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Predicts “Rand Paul” will be the 2016 GOP Presidential Nominee – Video 8/8/13

Flashback: Sen. Rand Paul Grills Hillary Clinton on possible CIA Gun-running Activity at Benghazi Annex – Video 1/22/13

Sen. Rand Paul Seeks to Ratchet Down Rift with Gov. Chris Christie; Invites Christie out for a Beer – Video 7/31/13

Sen. Rand Paul Hits back at Chris Christie Attack: “This is the ‘King of Bacon’ Talking about Bacon” – Video 7/30/13

Sen. Rand Paul Says He Will Support Effort to Not Fund ObamaCare; Doubts GOP will have the Courage to Do It – Video 7/25/13


Rand Paul Responds to Chris Christie Attack: “Christie Worries about the Dangers of Freedom. I Worry about the Danger of Losing that Freedom” – 7/26/13

Gov. Chris Christie Slams Sen. Rand Paul’s “Libertarianism” as “Dangerous”; Warns Another 9/11 could Result – Video 7/25/13


Poll: Sen. Rand Paul Leading Pack of Possible 2016 GOP Presidential Candidates in Iowa – 7/12/13

Sen. Rand Paul Mocks Gov. Rick Perry’s “Oops” Moment – Video 7/8/13

Sen. Rand Paul in Speech to SC GOP Gathering: “Our Message should be Patrick Henry’s ‘Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death’” – Video 6/28/13

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