Even some on the Left are put out with Al Gore – not for selling his Current TV to pro-Sharia Law Al-Jazeera – but because Al-Jazeera is owned by Big Oil – the Emir of Qatar! This is liberal radio host Randi Rhodes.

Via The Rightnewz

Liberal Radio Host Slams Al Gore for Selling Current TV to Big Middle East Oil – Audio 1/4/13

Arianna Huffington has been taking fire from her fellow liberals after she dared to criticize Obama for his “despicable” Bin Laden ad attacking Romney. Libtalker Randi Rhodes said Huffington needs to “keep her mouth shut and keep raking in the money” from her website which is only successful because it “contains virtually nothing” from her.

Via The Radio Equalizer

Libtalker Randi Rhodes Attacks Arianna Huffington for Daring to Criticize Obama – Audio 5/2/12

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