Images de la fusillade au Bataclan by lemondefr

Raw Video Shows Horror of ISIS Terrorist Attack on Paris Concert Hall as People Try to Escape – Raw Video 11/13/15

Raw Video Shows Devastation In Nepal in Wake of Massive 7.9 Earthquake – Raw Video 4/25/15

British Prime Minister David Cameron meets with President Obama at the White House – Raw Video 1/16/15

Dramatic Raw Video of French Police Taking Down Islamic Jihadist in Paris Kosher Grocery Store – Raw Video 1/8/15

Barack and Michelle Obama Out on the Town for a Pre-Valentine’s Dinner – Raw Video 2/8/14

Raw Video Shows Horrific Train Derailment in Spain that has Killed at least 78 People – Raw Video 7/25/13

At Least Three People Dead after Massive Pile-up on Interstate 77 in Virginia – Videos 3/31/13

Surveillance Video Captures Moment of Kansas City Gas Explosion that Leveled a Restaurant – Raw Video 2/19/13

ITN: Dramatic footage captures the moment a woman faints and falls onto the tracks in Madrid. She was saved by an off duty policeman.

Raw Video: Woman in Madrid, Spain Rescued by Off-Duty Police Officer after Fainting and Falling onto Subway Tracks – Raw Video 1/22/13

Here is surveillance video released by the New York Police Department showing the moment when their officers shot and killed the man who opened fire on them outside the Empire State Building in New York yesterday. The shooter had reportedly lost his job a year ago at a nearby business, and yesterday had allegedly killed a man he held responsible for the job loss. Several bystanders were reportedly injured yesterday in the gunfight that broke out between the shooter and police.

Raw Suveillance Video Released Showing Empire State Building Shooter being Shot by Police – Video 8/24/12

Here is raw video from London showing lightning striking an Emirates Airlines plane with 500 passengers as it prepared to land at Heathrow Airport. The plane was not harmed and no one was injured.

Raw Video Captures Lightning Strike on Plane with 500 Passengers as it Landed in London

WARNING (GRAPHIC): Here is graphic raw video that reportedly comes from the Libyan city of Benghazi where a young man was shot and killed by a sniper’s bullet during protests there. The video gives you a sense of the chaos that is now gripping Libya as opponents of longtime Dictator Moammar Gadhafi seek to drive him from power.

Young Man Gunned Down During Protest in Libya – Raw Video 2/19/11

Here is raw video from Egypt showing some of the protests taking place there against the Government of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. You see a young man being shot down by Egyptian Security Officials, and the aftermath of rioting there (it looks like a Kentucky Fried Chicken got taken out). Western businesses often become targets for protesters (no matter what they are protesting) in the Islamic World.

Raw Video Shows Protester Shot Down During Rioting in Egypt – Video 1/28/11

Via The Blaze

The Blaze: Georgia state Sen. Robert Brown drew fire this week when he quipped that the state GOP was filled with KKK members. Now he’s under fire again after a person who accompanied him to a press conference to clear up those comments brutally attacked a local photo journalist. The local paper The Telegraph says the Senator denies being associated with the attacker, despite walking into the press conference building with him . . . . . Read More

And here is video of the photographer describing the incident:

H/T Nelsa

Photographer Attacked Outside Georgia Democrat State Senator’s News Conference – Raw Video

Here is raw video of New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson leaving North Korea after meeting with Government officials there. Richardson seems to have succeeded in getting North Korea to say they will allow inspectors back into the country to check on their Nuclear Weapons programs, and to calm their reaction to South Korea’s military exercises. But that is likely to be short-lived as always with them:

NEW YORK TIMES: . . . . . Political analysts could only speculate about the sudden change in tone by North Korea, one of the world’s most closed and secretive societies. They said that a visit to North Korea by an unofficial American envoy, Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico, that came at the same time may have helped. Indeed, the North seemed to offer Mr. Richardson an olive branch by its willingness to allow United Nations inspectors back in to monitor its nuclear program. . . . . Read More

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richarson Leaves North Korea after Meeting with Leaders – Raw Video 12/21/10

Here is dramatic video of a man in Taiwan driving his car through the gates of a school, trapping several people under his car. He then set himself on fire.

Four children – reportedly between the ages of 6-12 years old – are being treated for non-life-threatening injuries. Bystanders helped free the people trapped under the car.

Man Runs Car into Crowd at School in Taiwan – Raw Video 12/19/10

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