Nebraska Republicans Rebuke Sen. Ben Sasse’s Efforts to Recruit 3rd Party Candidate against Trump – Video Report 5/14/16

Judge Andrew Napolitano: Party Shenannigans Within the Rules, but Not Consistent with “Fairness” – Video 4/12/16

Donald Trump Tells Hugh Hewitt He Supports Republicans Shutting Down the Government to Defund Planned Parenthood – Audio 8/3/15

Gallup: Only 47% of Democrats “Extremely Proud” to be Americans; 68% of Republicans – 7/3/15


Report: Number of GOP Presidential Candidates Allowed in Debates May be Capped at Twelve

Republican-led U.S. House votes 252-172 to Restore the 40-Hour Work Week; Obama Promises to Veto it; Wants Millions of Americans to have to Work Multiple Jobs – Video 1/8/15

U.S. House Passes $1.1 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill 219-206; Only Funds Obama Amnesty Order through February; Democrats in “Disarray” – Video 12/11/14


2014 Midterm Map Shows the Sweeping Republican Wave – 11/6/14

Heartache: The Left Finally had to Admit the GOP just Swept to Power in a “Big Wave” Election – Video 11/5/14

Sen. Harry Reid Claims Democrats have No Billionaire Supporters! – Video 6/19/14

Tea Party Stunner: House Majority Leader Eric Cantor Loses VA 7th District Primary to Grassroots Conservative Dave Brat – Video 6/10/14

Democrat Howard Dean on Republicans: “They are Not Americans” – Video 5/21/14

Nate Silver: GOP has 60% Chance of Taking control of the Senate in 2014 Midterms – Video 3/23/14

Voters at Maryland Town Hall Meeting: “Republicans are Too Nice. . . We’re Dying Out Here because You Guys are Being Nice Guys. . . You Gotta Fight!” – Video 8/8/13

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)

Nancy Pelosi: President Obama “has Always been Very Respectful of the Views of the Republicans” – Video 3/10/13

Here is video of Chuck Todd on MSNBC this morning dumbfounding the chair of the upcoming Democrat National Convention by asking Antonio Villaraigosa why it is the Republicans who have elected more women and Latino Governors and Senators than have the Democrats, even though the Democrats are constantly pushing the lie that the GOP is the party of old, white men. Villaraigosa was clearly shocked he got a real question from someone at MSNBC, and did not have much of an answer! Kudos to Todd for asking a real question.

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd Asks Head of Democrat Convention Why it is the Republicans who have Elected More Women and Latino Governors, Senators – Video 8/31/12

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