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From Rush’s show day before yesterday, where he thanks conservative columnist Rich Lowry for the piece he wrote declaring that Rush was right about Barack Obama being an “unabashed liberal” all along. Obama’s Second Inaugural Address made that abundantly clear.

“Obama’s foes always had him pegged correctly.”

Rush Limbaugh Thanks Rich Lowry for Opinion Piece Declaring, “Rush was Right” All Along about Obama being “an Unabashed Liberal” – Audio 1/24/13

Conservative Rich Lowry has an opinion piece at Politico that reminds everyone that while all the focus recently has been on the bizarre and indefensible remarks by Missouri Senate Candidate Todd Akin, it is the current President of the United States who is an extremist when it comes to the issue of abortion:

POLITICO – Rich Lowry with Guest Opinion: . . . From a strictly down-the-middle, neutral perspective, if one side of a debate is “extreme,” the opposite and countervailing side is equally “extreme.” It would never even occur to the media to apply this standard to abortion. Under the guise of upholding abortion rights, Barack Obama could favor denying legal protection to babies after they are born and the press wouldn’t bat an eyelash. In fact—he did.

In the Illinois legislature, he opposed the “Born-Alive Infants Protection Act” three times. The bill recognized babies born after attempted abortions as persons and required doctors to give them care. Obama’s stalwart opposition to the bill came up during the 2008 campaign, and his team responded with a farrago of obfuscation and distortions. The bill was supposedly redundant. Except it wasn’t. Protections for infants who survived abortions were shot through with loopholes, which is why the bill was offered in the first place. (Abortion doctors were leaving infants to die without any care.) The bill was supposedly a threat to abortion rights. Except it wasn’t. Obama opposed a version that stipulated it didn’t affect the legal status of infants still in the womb.

About a year after his final vote against the bill, Obama gave his famous 2004 Democratic convention speech extolling post-partisan moderation. But he couldn’t even bring himself to protect infants brutalized and utterly alone in some medical facility taking what might be only a few fragile breaths on this Earth. Some moderation. The federal version of the bill that he opposed in Illinois passed the U.S. Senate unanimously. Some post-partisanship.

President Obama is an extremist on abortion. He has never supported any meaningful restriction on it, and never will. . . . Read More

Rich Lowry Reminds Everyone It is Barack Obama Who is an Extremist on Abortion; Opposed the “Born-Alive Infant Protection Act” in Illinois – Video Report 2008

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