Here is video of CNBC’s Rick Santelli going ballistic over the “Fiscal Cliff” fiasco. Santelli makes exactly the right point, that all the pathetic banter about a “deal” to avert the “Fiscal Cliff” is not even beginning to address the real “cliff” – the more than $16 Trillion National Debt and the $100 Trillion in “unfunded liabilities” facing the nation. Barack Obama has no intention of dealing with that because he wants to keep growing Government larger. Santelli says Obama, Congress, and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner “don’t have a clue.”

CNBC’s Rick Santelli Goes Ballistic on the “Fiscal Cliff”; Says Obama, Congress, Geithner Don’t “Have a Clue” about the Real Debt Disaster Facing the Nation – Video 12/28/12

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