Flashback: Remember When Barack Obama Assured Rick Warren He did Not Support Gay Marriage? – 8/20/2008

Saddleback Church Prays for their Pastor Rick Warren and Family in Wake of His Son’s Death; Warren “Overwhelmed” by Support from People – Video 4/7/13

The Bible has a description of people like Piers Morgan: “Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought. . . “ Romans 12:3.

Here is video of Piers Morgan tonight talking to Pastor Rick Warren where he decreed that both the Bible and the U.S. Constitution are “inherently flawed” – and said the Bible needs to be amended. To which, Rick Warren gave the right answer – “No,” and “Not a chance.”

Long after the opinions of Piers Morgan have faded into the sunset, God will still be using the Bible to change the lives of people.

White House Petition Calling for Deportation of Piers Morgan

Now CNN’s Piers Morgan Calls The Bible and the U.S. Constitution “Inherently Flawed”; Says “It’s Time for an Amendment to the Bible”; Pastor Rick Warren Answers, “No” – Video 12/26/12

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