RNC Releases Graphic with Multiple Quotes Questioning Veracity of New Book Attacking Trump – Photo 1/5/18

New RNC Ad Highlights Tim Kaine’s “Passion for Defending the Wrong People” – Video 10/3/16

Watch Live Video of the 2016 Republican National Convention – Live Video Stream

RNC Rules Committee Member: If Donald Trump Gets to 1,100 Delegates, He will be the GOP Nominee – Video 4/13/16


Report: Donald Trump Meeting with RNC’s Reince Priebus Today – 3/31/16

RNC Chair Reince Priebus “Suspends” Plans for GOP Presidential Debate on NBC News February 26, 2016 – Video 10/30/15

Trump: Untrue that RNC Chair Reince Priebus Called to Tell Me to Tone Down My Rhetoric – Video 7/9/15

RNC Ad Points out Hillary Clinton’s “Hypocrisy” as Part of the O.1% – Video 5/31/15

New RNC Web Ad: “An American Renewal” – Video 5/18/15

New RNC Ad Casts Hillary Clinton as “Obama’s Third Term” – Video 2/10/15

Gov. Mitt Romney Sets Forth 3-Point Outline of Possible 2016 Presidential Run – Video 1/16/15

New GOP Ad Hammers Obama: Our “Fundraiser-in-Chief” – Video 7/24/14

Outstanding New RNC Ad: “Hillary – Obama’s Third Term” – Video 6/27/14

New RNC Ad Highlights Obama’s “Same Old Story” State of the Union Statements – Video 1/29/14

RNC Releases Series of Radio Ads Targeting Vulnerable Democrats for Support of ObamaCare – Audio 1/7/14

New RNC Ad Mocks Obama’s Ineptitude in Meeting His Own Deadline to “Fix” the Website – Video 12/2/13

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