RNC Chair Reince Priebus Mocks Senate Democrats for being “Eager and Proud” to Run on ObamaCare in 2014! – Video 11/22/13

New RNC Ad Mocks the ObamaCare “Lie” that Sold it to the American People – Video 11/12/13

New RNC Ad Spoofs the ObamaCare “Wedding Tax” – Video 11/12/13

New RNC Ad Slams Obama as “The Bystander-in-Chief” – Video 10/31/13

New Series of RNC Ads Mocks ObamaCare Using the Old “Apple vs. Microsoft” Theme – Videos 10/28/13

New RNC Ad Highlights Democrats who were Against Raising the Debt Limit before they were For It – Video 10/9/13

Great New RNC Ad Mocks Obama’s Words Praising the Opening of ObamaCare Exchanges: “Error 404” – Video 10/3/13

Republican National Committee Ready to Pay to Keep World War II Memorial Open for America’s Veterans – Video 10/2/13

“ObamaCare Isn’t Working”: South Carolina Healthcare Costs to Increase 50%-70% Thanks to ObamaCare – Video 9/23/13

New RNC Ad Hammers Obama’s Threat to Shut Down the Government to Save ObamaCare: “Americans Expect More” – Video 9/23/13

New RNC Ad: “Biden 2016 Kickoff Tour” – Video 8/23/13

RNC Votes to Not Partner with CNN or NBC on 2016 GOP Presidential Debates if they Air Hillary Miniseries – Video 8/16/13

New RNC Ad: Hillary’s “What Difference Does it Make” Benghazi Remark Not Likely Part of CNN, NBC Films – Video 8/12/13

Rush Limbaugh on RNC Ultimatum: “Why should the GOP Participate in (MSNBC, NBC, CNN, ABC) Debates Designed to Defeat Them?” – Audio 8/5/13

New RNC Web Ad: “Americans Deserve Answers” on IRS Targeting Scandal – “When a Government Targets Its Citizens Based on their Personal Beliefs. . .” – Video 6/10/13

New RNC Ad Hammers Obama Lack of Accountability: “The Buck Stops Where?” – Video 5/29/13

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