Donna Brazile: Clinton Campaign Manager was “Dismissive, Condescending” Toward Her – Video 11/8/17

Chris Wallace to Clinton Campaign Manager: Has Hillary Asked Huma Abedin what is in the Emails Found on Weiner’s Laptop? – Video 10/30/16

Clinton Campaign Manager again Calls Trump Supporters “Deplorable” – Video 10/2/16

CBS News’ John Dickerson Asks Clinton Campaign Manager Robby Mook why She hasn’t done a Press Conference in 260 Days! – Video 8/21/16

“Morning Joe” Panel Torches Hillary Clinton for Lying Again that She Never Sent or Received Classified Info in Her Unsecured Emails – Video 8/1/16

Hillary Clinton Campaign Manager Denies Reality: “No Poll Shows Voters Don’t Trust Hillary Clinton” – Video 6/14/15

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