CNN: Obama’s Poll Numbers have “Flat-Lined” in the Low 40’s; Dems in Danger of Losing the U.S. Senate – Video 3/10/14

Robert Costa: Democrats Growing “Increasingly Antsy and Anxious” about ObamaCare – Video 10/24/13

Wow. Someone is going to be really wrong about whether Boehner gets re-elected as Speaker!

Here is video from CNBC’s Larry Kudlow last night of National Review’s Robert Costa saying flatly that Boehner WILL be re-elected as Speaker – that there’s not significant organized opposition to unseat him today. But Ron Meyer, of American Majority Action, insists there are enough Republicans planning to rebel against Boehner to prevent him from being re-elected today. We’ll soon find out who is right. Their debate on the subject begins at around the 2:10 mark of the video above.

Someone Will be Very Wrong about whether John Boehner is Re-Elected Speaker of the House Today – Video 1/2/13

National Review Online’s Robert Costa is reporting tonight that sources indicate Gov. Sarah Palin will NOT use her speech at a Tea Party Event in Iowa on Saturday to announce a run for President:

THE CORNER (Robert Costa): Sources with knowledge of Sarah Palin’s prepared remarks tell National Review Online that the former Alaska governor will castigate Washington’s “compromised political class” when she addresses a tea-party rally in Iowa this weekend. Palin, sources say, will not use the venue to launch a presidential campaign. Instead, Palin will “offer a serious critique of crony capitalism and President Obama’s economic record.”

Palin will remind attendees that three years ago — on Sept. 3, 2008 — she detailed her political philosophy during her speech at the Republican National Convention. She will urge the crowd to fight, as she said then, for “sudden and relentless reform.” Reiterating this message, sources say, is one of her central themes. “She will talk about her experience in Alaska, about how she brought reform to the system,” says one source. “She will remind tea-party conservatives that true reform is difficult.” . . . Read More

NRO Reports Gov. Sarah Palin Will NOT Make Presidential Announcement in Iowa Speech on Saturday

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