Amy Holmes Destroys “Morning Joe” Crew Distraught over Netanyahu Victory in Israel – Video 3/18/15

Robert Gibbs: Hillary Clinton has had a “Slow-Roll of Concerning Headlines” Since Last Year – Video 2/22/15

Heartache: The Left Finally had to Admit the GOP just Swept to Power in a “Big Wave” Election – Video 11/5/14

Robert Gibbs: Democrats “Definitely” in Danger of Losing the Senate; If they Do, “The Party’s Over” – Video 3/16/14

Robert Gibbs: Obama will have to “Step Up” Efforts to Help Democrats Keep Control of the U.S. Senate in 2014 Midterms – Video 2/19/14

Robert Gibbs: “Thank God” I’m No Longer Working at the Obama White House – Video 1/28/14

Robert Gibbs: 2013 the Worst Year of Obama’s Presidency – Video 12/22/13

Robert Gibbs: Someone should have “Already Lost their Job” over ObamaCare Failure – Video 11/18/13

Robert Gibbs Gets Put on the Spot about Why He Let Obama Repeatedly Say, “If You Like Your Insurance, You can Keep Your Insurance” – Video 11/4/13

Former Obama Operative Robert Gibbs: “No Doubt in My Mind” that HHS Knew the ObamaCare Website “Wasn’t Going to Work” – Video 10/23/13

Robert Gibbs Admits ObamaCare Rollout has been “Excruciatingly Embarrassing”; Calls for Someone to be Fired – Video 10/14/13

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, Robert Gibbs Agree Hillary Clinton Miniseries “A Really Bad Idea” – Video 8/8/13

Robert Gibbs on “Meet the Press”: Chuck Hagel was “Unimpressive” in Last Week’s Confirmation Hearing – Video 2/3/13

Here is video of Obama Campaign Adviser Robert Gibbs on “CBS This Morning” where he admitted Obama is spending time in Wisconsin in these closing days because he’s “trying to lock it down.” Wisconsin went for Obama by 14-points in 2008. But Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are making a big push for it as the campaign winds down.

Obama Adviser Robert Gibbs Admits they are Still Trying to “Lock Down” Wisconsin as Campaign Enters Final Days – Video 11/2/12

Even the liberal media thinks the Obama Campaign”s “Big Bird” line of attack is ridiculous!

Then, again, “Big Bird” is about the speed of this Presidency, and the right metaphor. As Bill Clinton once said about the Obama Campaign, the whole thing is a “fairy tale.”

Obama Campaign’s Robert Gibbs Doubles-Down on their Ridiculous “Big Bird” Line of Attack; Matt Lauer Asks if the Campaign Will Remove “Big Bird” Ads – Video 10/10/12

Absolutely great!

Here is video of Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace destroying Obama Adviser Robert Gibbs by calling President Obama out for his refusal to meet with World Leaders in New York this coming week, like Benjamin Netanyahu. The Israeli Prime Minister asked to meet with Obama, but was turned down.

Wallace asked Gibbs why Obama has time “to meet with Whoopi Goldberg, but not World Leaders.” Gibbs tried to blow it off, but Wallace would not let go.

Via NewsBusters

Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace stuns Robert Gibbs: Why does President Obama have Time “to Meet with Whoopi Goldberg, but Not with World Leaders?” – Video 9/23/12

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