MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, Robert Gibbs Agree Hillary Clinton Miniseries “A Really Bad Idea” – Video 8/8/13

Robert Gibbs on “Meet the Press”: Chuck Hagel was “Unimpressive” in Last Week’s Confirmation Hearing – Video 2/3/13

Here is video of Obama Campaign Adviser Robert Gibbs on “CBS This Morning” where he admitted Obama is spending time in Wisconsin in these closing days because he’s “trying to lock it down.” Wisconsin went for Obama by 14-points in 2008. But Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are making a big push for it as the campaign winds down.

Obama Adviser Robert Gibbs Admits they are Still Trying to “Lock Down” Wisconsin as Campaign Enters Final Days – Video 11/2/12

Even the liberal media thinks the Obama Campaign”s “Big Bird” line of attack is ridiculous!

Then, again, “Big Bird” is about the speed of this Presidency, and the right metaphor. As Bill Clinton once said about the Obama Campaign, the whole thing is a “fairy tale.”

Obama Campaign’s Robert Gibbs Doubles-Down on their Ridiculous “Big Bird” Line of Attack; Matt Lauer Asks if the Campaign Will Remove “Big Bird” Ads – Video 10/10/12

Absolutely great!

Here is video of Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace destroying Obama Adviser Robert Gibbs by calling President Obama out for his refusal to meet with World Leaders in New York this coming week, like Benjamin Netanyahu. The Israeli Prime Minister asked to meet with Obama, but was turned down.

Wallace asked Gibbs why Obama has time “to meet with Whoopi Goldberg, but not World Leaders.” Gibbs tried to blow it off, but Wallace would not let go.

Via NewsBusters

Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace stuns Robert Gibbs: Why does President Obama have Time “to Meet with Whoopi Goldberg, but Not with World Leaders?” – Video 9/23/12

Here is video from MSNBC’s “Daily Rundown” this morning with Chuck Todd asking Obama Senior Adviser Robert Gibbs where Barack Obama’s plan is for saving the future of Medicare? Gibbs was clearly uncomfortable with the question and really had no answer. They want to demonize Paul Ryan’s desire to save Medicare for future generations, but have no answers of their own. Ryan and Romney have made clear they will do nothing to impact Senior Citizens already on Medicare or those who are approaching retirement. But they want to take steps to make Medicare solvent into the future by giving younger workers the choice of having their own personal retirement account. As they are pointing out, Barack Obama is the only President who has cut Medicare to the tune of $716 Billion in order to pay for his ObamaCare plan.

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd Presses Obama Adviser Robert Gibbs: “Where is Obama’s Plan on Medicare?” – Video 8/13/12

Just what the U.S. Economy needs – tax increases on the very people who own businesses and create jobs. Robert Gibbs confirms that Barack Obama is committed to letting the Bush Tax Cuts expire, thus raising taxes, particularly on many of the small business owners who make $250,000 or more. In their world, soaking the “rich” with higher taxes helps the middle-class. Even reporter Candy Crowley seemed incredulous that is the economic strategy they plan on pursuing.

Robert Gibbs Confirms Obama is Committed to Letting Bush Tax Cuts Expire; CNN’s Candy Crowley Responds, “Even though the Recovery is Not that Great and people say . . .it’s not the time for a Tax Hike. . .” – Video 7/8/12

Here is video of former Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs on Fox & Friends this morning where he praised GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann’s debate performance last night in New Hampshire. Gibbs said Romney did well and remains the frontrunner, but he singled out Bachmann for having “moved the ball down the field” with her debate performance.

Robert Gibbs Praises Rep. Michele Bachmann’s NH Debate Performance – Video 6/14/11

Not kidding.

Here is video of President Obama yesterday in his farewell to White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs referring to himself as “The Gipper.”

Obama gave Gibbs back a tie he had borrrowed from Gibbs framed alongside two photos of himself with Gibbs as a going away gift! You can’t make this stuff up!

Via Gateway Pundit

The Big Ego Strikes Again: Obama Refers to Himself as “The Gipper” – Video 2/11/11

Here is video of White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs at a special conference today on the Crisis in Egypt. Gibbs was asked if Obama has spoken to Egyptian President Mubarak. Gibbs took a long time but eventually said that Obama has not spoken to Mubarak. When asked point blank if Obama supports Mubarak, Gibbs pointedly refused to offer any support for Mubarak and his Government.

I think we can safely say that Mubarak has officially been thrown under the bus.

Robert Gibbs: Obama has Not Spoken to Mubarak; Won’t Express Support for Mubarak – Video 1/28/11

President Obama has chosen his new Press Secretary to replace outgoing Robert Gibbs. The winner is former TIME reporter Jay Carney, who has been serving as communications director for Vice-President Joe Biden:

THE FIX: President Obama has chosen former journalist Jay Carney to replace press secretary Robert Gibbs, a longtime loyalist, when he leaves the post in mid-February — one of a number of staff changes announced today by White House chief of staff Bill Daley. . . .

Carney, now the communications director for Vice President Biden, is the marquee move as he will assume perhaps the most high profile staff job in the White House.

He came to the Administration in 2008 after a long career in journalism that included serving as Washington bureau chief of Time magazine. Carney is married to ABC News’ correspondent Claire Shipman. . . . . . . . . . Read More

Gibbsy will be a tough act to follow as far as being able to top his level of sheer idiocy. But Michelle Malkin has the goods on Carney, and his resume of attacking conservatives.

Obama Selects former TIME Reporter Jay Carney as New White House Press Secretary

Here is video of White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs today making the statement that “rational people” decided, “maybe when the first heard and saw” Barack Obama, that he is a citizen of the United States.

That seems an odd answer since you really can’t tell who is a citizen just by hearing and seeing them! The fact that the State of Hawaii certifies that Barack Obama was born there might have been a more “rational” answer.


Robert Gibbs Says “Rational People” believed Obama is a Citizen when they “First Heard and Saw” Him – Video 1/24/11


Fox News: Press Secretary Robert Gibbs is stepping down as the chief spokesman for the White House to become an outside adviser to the president and his re-election campaign, Fox News has confirmed.

Gibbs’ departure from the briefing room podium is part of a broader shakeup in President Obama’s senior leadership team as the White House pivots to deal with a new reality in Washington. (Read More)

Robert Gibbs Leaving White House to Become An ‘Outside Presidential Adviser’

Here is video of White House Press Secretary telling the Press Corps that many members of Congress will be up late reading the 1924-page Omnibus Spending Bill between now and the 22nd or 23rd of December. CBS News’ Mark Knoller asked Gibbs if he really believed they would read that, and Gibbs responded that he “takes them at their word.” This drew laughter from the White House Press Corps.

Robert Gibbs Believes Congress will Read 1924-page Omnibus Bill; Gets Laughed At by Press – Video 12/14/10

Here is video of White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs responding to a Federal Judge’s ruling that the “individual mandate” to buy Health Insurance in ObamaCare is unconstitutional. As this PJTVTexas video points out, Gibbs very carefully redefined the “individual mandate” to “individual responsibility” to describe the requirement. Gibbs and the Obama Administration believe it is constitutional, and believe it will ultimately be upheld.

If ObamaCare gets to the Supreme Court -as it almost assuredly will – I don’t believe the individual mandate will be upheld. The Federal Government does not have the right to tell Americans what they have to buy. I think the Supreme Court will agree with the Federal Judge.

Robert Gibbs Redefines ObamaCare “Individual Mandate” as “Individual Responsibility” – Video 12/13/10

Here is video of White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs today being asked if President Obama was trying to quit smoking. Gibbs confirmed that he is, and said he has not “seen evidence” of Obama “smoking in probably nine months.”

Robert Gibbs: I’ve Seen “No Evidence” of Obama “Smoking in Nine Months”

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