Rep. Jim Jordan Calls for Special Prosecutor to Investigate Political Bias against Trump at the FBI; Calls for Mueller Team to be Disbanded – Video 12/14/17

Rush Limbaugh: The way to Stop Mueller is to Prevent Democrats from Winning the House in 2018 – Audio 12/5/17

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller Brings 12 Charges against Paul Manafort; Charges have Nothing to do with Trump – Video 10/30/17

Reports: Special Counsel Robert Mueller Gets First Indictment(s) from Grand Jury; Arrest could come Monday – Video 10/28/17

Trump Presser: “I’m Not Dismissing (Mueller)”; “I Won because I was a Better Candidate” – Video 8/10/17

Trump Presser: Mueller “Investigating Something that Never Happened”; There was “No Collusion with Russia” – Video 8/10/17


Alan Dershowitz: Mueller has “Stacked the Deck” against Trump – 8/4/17


LawNewz: Trump will Fire Robert Mueller within 81 Days – 8/3/17


Reports: Mueller Impanels Grand Jury; Issues Subpoenas Related to 2016 Trump Jr. Meeting with Russians – 8/3/17

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller Named as Special Counsel to take over Russia Investigation – Video Report 5/17/17

GOP Rep. Jim Jordan Questions FBI Director on Status of Investigation of IRS Targeting Scandal; Mueller has Zero Answers – Video 6/13/13

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