Dr. Ben Carson Destroys Liberal Roland Martin on ObamaCare! – Video 4/3/14

Here is video of CNN Anchor Erin Burnett talking about President Obama’s claim in a recent interview that he goes “skeet shooting all the time” at Camp David. Burnett asked liberal Roland Martin if you are going to say “all the time, don’t you have to prove it?”

Of course, Martin does not think it matters, but Obama is the one who claimed he enjoys skeet shooting “all the time.” No one made him say that. Burnett is absolutely right.

Toward the end of the segment, GOP Rep. Marsha Blackburn challenges Obama to invite her to a skeet shooting match. “I bet I’ll beat him,” she said!

CNN’s Erin Burnett Skeptical of Obama Skeet Shooting Claim: “If You’re Going to Say ‘All the Time,’ Don’t You have to Prove It?” GOP Rep. Marsha Blackburn Challenges Obama to a Skeet Shooting Match! – Video 1/28/13

Here is video of pro-Obama Democrat consultant Roland Martin on CNN saying President Obama’s embracing of Gay Marriage could very well depress enthusiasm among African-American voters this Fall.

“Pay attention to those state referendums. Again, 0 for 32 in support of same-sex marriage. That means voters have already spoken.”

CNN’s Roland Martin on Possible Fallout for Obama Supporting Gay Marriage: “Zero for Thirty-Two (State Referendums) in Support of Same-Sex Marriage. That Means Voters have Already Spoken” – Video 5/11/12

Roland Martin Tweets

Mediaite: On the heels (but not too closely on the heels) of Monday’s call by GLAAD that CNN analyst Roland Martin be fired for tweets he made during Sunday’s Super Bowl, the network has announced that Martin has been suspended. Martin initially explained the tweets, which GLAAD said encouraged violence against gay people, as tweaking soccer fans, but the network disagrees. In a statement released minutes ago, CNN says “Roland Martin’s tweets were regrettable and offensive. Language that demeans is inconsistent with the values and culture of our organization, and is not tolerated. We have been giving careful consideration to this matter, and Roland will not be appearing on our air for the time being.”

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Liberal Roland Martin Suspended By CNN for “Offensive” Super Bowl Tweets – Report 2/8/12

Here is video of GOP political consultant Alex Castellanos, along with Democrat Roland Martin, talking about Sarah Palin’s upcoming reality mini-series, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” Both of them believe Palin’s reality series will not be good for her politically, and both do NOT think Palin with actually run for President in 2012.

Martin was just hateful and bitter toward Palin – actually comparing her to “Kim Kardashian.” Even host Anderson Cooper disagreed with that, and called the comparison unfair. Martin also called Palin a “quitter” for leaving her job as Alaska’s Governor during her term.

Castellanos was far more measured in his statements, but clearly believes Palin will lose a great deal of her appeal the moment she announces a run for President. He believes she has a great deal of power within the GOP, and will continue to have that power and influence as long as she does not get into the race.

Castellanos on Palin: “She’s the biggest fish in a small pond. The moment she gets to the big pond, she loses a lot of her political leverage – I don’t think she’ll run for President.”

I’m not convinced Palin won’t run for President. She does have a lot of clout in the GOP right now, and that would continue if she is not a candidate. But if she does get in, she will have an enormous following in the GOP to help her in all the primary and caucus states. There is no question she could win the GOP Nomination. The fact, as Castellanos pointed out, she is trailing Obama by 8-points in a recent poll – with Obama at the bottom of his popularity right now – has to be concerning as to whether she could win a General Election. After all, if she decides to run, she won’t just be trying to win the GOP Nomination – she needs to win the Presidency. If she really believes she can do that, I’d say she will get in.

GOP Consultant Alex Castellanos Thinks Sarah Palin Will NOT Run for President – Video 11/13/10

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