Sen. Ron Johnson: Obama ISIS Strategy Like “Poking a Hornets’ Nest with a Stick for Three Years” instead of Eradicating It – Video 9/15/14

State Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson Speaks at Church Rally: “I Wear this Uniform and I should Say that I’m Sorry” – Video 8/17/14

Obama’s Nominee for Ambassador to Norway Struggles Mightily in Capitol Hill Testimony – Video 1/23/14

GOP Sen. Ron Johnson: If Boehner Caves on Sequester, “I think He will Lose His Speakership” – Video 2/25/13

Here is video of a testy Hillary clinton on Capitol Hill today where she finally appeared to answer questions on the Benghazi Terrorist Attack scandal. Clinton was visibly upset at Sen. Ron Johnson, and finally said, “What difference, at this point, does it make” who the killers were? Johnson had been making the point that it is impossible to believe Clinton and others in the Obama Administration did not know it was a terrorist attack.

Hillary Clinton Angered at Senate Questioning on Benghazi Terror Attack: “What Difference Does it Make” who the Attackers were? – Video 1/23/13

Into the morass of insanity surrounding the “Fiscal Cliff” debate, Sen. Ron Johnson speaks the truth on CNN.

Here he is this morning explaining how Economic Growth would be “ten times more effective” at bringing more revenue into the Federal Government than tax increases. He rightly described what Obama is trying to do as “punishing success,” which, of course, will only result in less economic growth, and in the long run, less revenue for the Federal Government.

Click “more” below to watch video:

GOP Sen. Ron Johnson Utters the Unspeakable on CNN: Economic Growth “Ten Times more Effective” at Generating Revenue than Tax Increases – Video 12/4/12

Here is video of Wisconsin GOP Senator Ron Johnson on Fox News last night, where he said, “I never believed the President was negotiating in good faith.” Johnson said Obama’s behavior at his angry Press Briefing yesterday demonstrates that, and lets the American people see clearly that Obama “is certainly not the adult in the room.”

Johnson cited as further evidence the fact that Obama only started to meet on the Debt issue “a month ago,” and that earlier this year he presented a joke of a budget that would have added $12 Trillion to the Debt! It was defeated 97-0 in the U.S. Senate, not getting a single Democrat vote!

“He was going to add $12 Trillion to our debt, and yet he didn’t enter the negotiations until, what, about a month ago? That is not a serious player in these negotiations. He’s simply not serious.”

Johnson said he would support a “short-term deal” to keep the Government operating and to provide time for “Cut, Cap, and Balance” time in the public arena, because Johnson said the American people support a Balanced Budget Amendment. “Cut, Cap, and Balance is the answer.”

Sen. Ron Johnson: “I Never Believed the President was Negotiating in Good Faith”; Obama “is Certainly Not the Adult in the Room” – Video 7/22/11

Here is video of a great new ad for GOP Wisconsin U.S. Senate Candidate – Ron Johnson, who is opposing incumbent Democrat Sen. Russ Feingold.

It is clear Johnson has decided on the perfect theme for Feingold to draw the stark contrast with himself. In the ad, Johnson calls Feingold a “career politician” who believes government creates jobs and knows best. By way of contrast, Johnson points out that he spent 30 years building a business and creating jobs.

It closes on a hopeful note, with Johnson saying “we can bring America back.”

Outstanding ad!

Wisconsin GOP Senate Challenger Calls Russ Feingold a “Career Politician” in New Ad – Video

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