Here is complete video of Rep. Ron Paul’s speech tonight after placing a strong second in the New Hampshire Primary. With 50% of the precincts reporting, Paul has 23% of the vote, 15-points behind Mitt Romney, but well ahead of third-place Jon Huntsman.

Paul congratulated winner Mitt Romney for a “clear-cut victory,” but he said “we are nipping at his heels,” as his supporters roared their approval.

Paul also said his strong finish makes it clear to media and everyone else, “We are dangerous to the status quo.”

Ron Paul Delivers Speech after Placing a Strong Second in the New Hampshire Primary: “We are Dangerous to the Status Quo” – Complete Video 1/10/12

Here is an Associated Press report that shows the contrast on the campaign trail in Iowa between the campaigns and the supporters of Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.

Stark Contrast Between Campaigns and Supporters of Mitt Romney and Ron Paul – Video Report 1/2/12

Here is video of Herman Cain being heckled by Ron Paul supporters as he tried to give a speech today in Alabama. Cain told them, “With all due respect, I’m going to give this speech today, thank you very much.”

He was interrupted again, and told the Paul supporters, “Are you all going to let me do my speech or not?” He added: “All I’m asking for is the respect for me to give my comments and my speech. . . Just be respectful.”

Herman Cain Heckled by Ron Paul Supporters during Speech in Alabama; Tells them, “Just be Respectful” – Video 10/29/11

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