Team Paul United: Ron Paul Says He Could Not Support Chris Christie as 2016 GOP Nominee – Video 8/13/13

Former Rep. Ron Paul Launches Online TV Channel – Video 8/12/13

Former Rep. Ron Paul Worried about NSA Leaker Edward Snowden: “I’m Worried Someone in our Government Might Kill Him” – Video 6/11/13

As Republicans and Democrats come to a last-second (actually past last-second) deal to supposedly avoid the “Fiscal Cliff,” outgoing GOP Rep. Ron Paul says it pretty well that there really is no admission by our leaders that the nation is bankrupt and spending is the problem.

GOP Rep. Ron Paul on “Fiscal Cliff” Deal: “We Have Passed that Point of No Return where We can Actually Get our House in Order”; “No Admission that the Country is Bankrupt” – Audio 12/31/12

Here is complete video of Dr. Ron Paul delivering his “Farewell Speech” on the House Floor yesterday, closing out a career of 23 years serving in the House of Representatives over a 36 year period of time. Paul did not seek re-election in 2012, and will leave office at the end of the year. Paul’s son, U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, seems poised to take up the mantle of his father and be a major figure on the national stage for many years to come.

Dr. Ron Paul Delivers “Farewell Speech” on House Floor Closing out Congressional Career – Complete Video 11/14/12

Here is a video report from Louisville station WHAS on Sen. Rand Paul’s decision to endorse Mitt Romney for President. The report also indicates Rand Paul has said “it would be a great honor” to be considered for Romney’s Vice-Presidential running mate.

Sen. Rand Paul Says it would be a “Great Honor” to be Considered for Mitt Romney’s VP Running Mate – Video Report 6/8/12

Here is video from “Face the Nation” today where Rep. Ron Paul told host Bob Schieffer that he is “trying to save the Republican Party from themselves.” Paul made the statement after Bob Scheiffer asked him if he was going to end his Presidential Campaign since he has no real path to winning the GOP Nomination.

Ron Paul: “I’m Trying to Save the Republican Party from Themselves” – Video 4/1/12

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Alabama, Mississippi Primary Polling Averages

Updated: 3/13/12, 3:50 PM ET


Primary Date






Gingrich +0.8

Romney +2.6













Note: A 7-Day Average of Polls is used for both Alabama and Mississippi.  Click on the state names above for polling data.


The 7-Day Polling Averages for the Alabama and Mississippi Primaries, to be held today, March 13, 2012, show a very close race shaping up. You can click on the state names above to see the actual polling data. If Romney wins in either of these Southern States, it will fuel his already growing momentum. If Gingrich wins one or both states, it will give him legitimacy to stay in the race. Santorum has to be hoping he can pull out wins in both states to force Gingrich out of the race, giving him a chance at Romney one-on-one the rest of the way.

Polling Averages for Alabama, Mississippi GOP Presidential Primaries

Here is video of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin talking to Greta Van Susteren last night about the upcoming Alaska Caucuses slated for “Super Tuesday,” March 6.

Palin said she “would not be surprised” if Mitt Romney wins the Alaska Caucuses “again,” as she pointed out he won there four years ago. She said there is a “strong libertarian streak” in Alaska, so she expects Ron Paul to do well also. She mentioned that Newt Gingrich has made a real effort to do teleconferences with folks in Alaska, particularly to talk about Energy issues. She said “that bodes well for him.” She made no mention of Rick Santorum.

A total of 27 delegates will be at stake in the GOP Alaska Caucuses.

Sarah Palin on “Super Tuesday” Alaska Caucuses: I “Wouldn’t be Surprised if He (Romney) Wins Again”; Expects Ron Paul to also Do Well – Video 3/2/12

Here is video of University of Virginia Political Science Professor Larry Sabato explaining why he believes “Super Tuesday,” March 6, is “guaranteed to be a good night for Mitt Romney.”

Political Expert Larry Sabato Explains Why “Super Tuesday is Guaranteed to be a Good Night for Mitt Romney” – Video 3/2/12

Here is video of Ann Coulter on with Bill O’Reilly tonight, where she said Democrats attempting to help Rick Santorum in Michigan is proof that they are “terrified of Mitt Romney.”

Coulter is a big supporter of Romney, and defended him against attacks brought against him. On Ron Paul rarely criticizing Mitt Romney, Coulter said, “Of course Ron Paul supports Mitt Romney – he was also soft on Herman Cain. He admires people in the private sector. . .”

Ann Coulter Says Democrats “are Terrified of Mitt Romney” – Video 2/29/12

Photo: AP

Three of the four GOP Presidential Candidates will attend a Presidential Forum to be hosted by Mike Huckabee on his Fox News Channel program Saturday night, March 3, at 8 PM ET. Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich will appear in person with Huckabee. Ron Paul will not attend, choosing instead to campaign in the State of Washington, which holds its Caucuses on Saturday:

REAL CLEAR POLITICS: Mike Huckabee is hosting his third special-edition presidential forum in Wilmington, Ohio, on Saturday, but only three of the four GOP candidates will participate. The odd man out is Ron Paul, who will be campaigning in Washington state, which holds it caucuses that day.

The event will be broadcast on Huckabee’s Fox News Channel show, and the producers declined Paul’s request to appear via satellite from Washington, saying such accommodations have not been allowed in the past, and doing so this time would be unfair to the candidates who agreed to attend in person. Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum have confirmed their attendance.

RCP obtained a letter Huckabee sent to Paul explaining the rules and format for the program, and expressing disappointment that the congressman will not appear at the forum, which will focus on jobs . . . Read More

The RCP article reports Huckabee’s letter to Ron Paul’s campaign indicates Paul regarded Fox News’ decision to not allow Paul to appear via satellite “arrogant.” But Huckabee and the Fox News Channel believes it would be unfair to the other three candidates who will go to the trouble to appear in person to allow Paul to participate without being there like the other candidates. The forum will be taped at noon Saturday, and will be broadcast Saturday evening and then twice on Sunday.

Mike Huckabee to Host GOP Presidential “Candidate Forum” Just Ahead of “Super Tuesday”; Ron Paul Chooses Not to Attend

Here is video of Ron Paul being interviewed on Fox News last night where he denied there is any collusion going on between Mitt Romney and himself. Bret Baier essentially asked Paul if he is working with Romney in order to further the political career of his son – Sen. Rand Paul. Ron Paul denied that any such thing was taking place, saying “that’s been promoted by someone super-involved in conspiracy theories. That’s Santorum doing that.” He further added, “My son can take care of himself. He doesn’t need me to make deals for him.

Via Gateway Pundit

Ron Paul Denies any Deal with Mitt Romney: “That’s been Promoted by Someone Super-Involved in Conspiracy Theories. . . That’s Santorum Doing That. . .” – Video 2/28/12

UPDATE: New Mitchell/Rosetta Stone Poll shows Santorum leading Romney in Michigan by two points.

Polls from two polling organizations in both Arizona and Michigan show Gov. Mitt Romney leading in those two states just one day ahead of the GOP Presidential Primaries there.

We Ask America has Romney leading over Rick Santorum 37%-33% in Michigan, and by a much wider 43%-27% in Airzona.

Public Policy Polling (PPP) has Romney leading Santorum by a smaller 39%-37% in Michigan, but a larger 43%-26% margin in Arizona. The trend is in Romney’s favor, as Santorum was leading in polls there just a week ago. But the margin for Romney is still small enough to be worrisome for him. Romney has tended to underperform his poll numbers in some states, while Santorum has tended to outperform his poll numbers. If that happens in Michigan, a big upset on Romney’s home turf is possible. It appears Romney is fairly secure in Arizona, with a strong trend of double-digit leads there in most polls. Only American Research Group has found the margin close there (Romney up 39%-35%) in recent days.

An interesting note on the polls in Arizona and Michigan. Newt Gingrich seems to be getting a bump in Arizona, while Ron Paul has moved up in Michigan. However, both candidates are still far back of both Romney and Santorum.

Our 3-Day Average of Polls in Arizona now has Romney up by a 12.5 point margin over Rick Santorum, and by a smaller 3.7 point margin in Michigan.

New Polls Show Mitt Romney Cruising in Arizona; Leading in Tight Michigan Race with Santorum – 2/27/12

It looks like Mitt Romney will hold onto victory in the Maine Caucuses. A county that did not vote last week due to a snowstorm has completed their voting, and while Ron Paul gained 83-votes, Mitt Romney still holds a 156-vote lead on Paul, even if the state GOP decides to count the county’s late votes. The state GOP already declared Romney the official winner, and has yet to decide whether the outstanding votes will be counted in the final tally:

NPR: Ron Paul has gained 83 votes on Mitt Romney following a Republican presidential caucus in eastern Maine, where voting last week had been postponed due to bad weather. Romney still holds a 156-vote lead over Paul in statewide totals.

Paul received 163 votes in Saturday’s Washington County caucus, where Republicans from more than two dozen towns gathered to cast their votes. Romney received 80 votes. Rick Santorum got 57 votes and Newt Gingrich received four votes.

The Maine Republican Party last week declared Romney the winner of the state’s GOP caucuses, but Washington County Republicans were angered their votes weren’t counted after their caucus was postponed last Saturday because of a snowstorm. . . . Read More

Report: Mitt Romney Victory in Maine GOP Caucuses to Hold Up; Ron Paul Gains 83-Votes from Outstanding County; Romney Lead Still at 156-Votes – 2/18/12

Nate Silver over at the New York Times’ “FiveThirtyEight” Blog discusses the possibility that GOP Rep. Ron Paul might yet be able to win the Maine Caucuses, which the State GOP called for Mitt Romney yesterday:

FIVETHIRTYEIGHT: Ron Paul’s campaign is claiming that it could still win the presidential preference poll in the Maine caucus because of a county that postponed its vote and will hold its caucus next Saturday, Feb. 18.

On Saturday, the Maine Republican Party declared Mitt Romney the winner of the presidential preference vote, which he led by 194 ballots based on the caucuses that have been held so far.

State Republicans said they considered the results of the straw poll final. However, Washington County, in the easternmost part of the state, postponed its caucus after a snowstorm was forecast there. The Washington County G.O.P. Chair, Chris Gardner, said his county would conduct the straw poll at its caucuses and will report the results to the state.

All if this will be moot unless Mr. Paul is able to make up 194 votes in the county.

Based on how the county voted in 2008, that seems unlikely. Just 113 votes total were cast in the county in 2008, and only 8 of those were for Mr. Paul. John McCain, instead, won the plurality. . . . Read More

Though it sounds like the outcome is unlikely to change, Silver goes on to explain how there are enough Republicans and Independents in the outstanding county to change the outcome IF Ron Paul is able to mount a massive get out the vote operation between now and next Saturday, February 18. We’ll see.

Will Ron Paul End Up the Winner of the Maine Caucuses, After All?

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