CNN’s Ana Navarro doesn’t like former Reagan Political Director Pointing Out that Moderate Republicans Treated Reagan much like they Treat Donald Trump Today – Video 7/13/15

President Ronald Reagan Warns Americans Not to Lose our Patriotic Memory – Video from Farewell Address 1989

Memorial Day Tribute: President Ronald Reagan Speaks at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in 1984 – Video

Gov. Scott Walker Speaks at Ronald Reagan’s Alma Mater on the 104th Anniversary of Reagan’s Birthday – Video 2/6/15

Rush Limbaugh Destroys Obama Claim He’s Just Doing what Ronald Reagan did on Amnesty – Video 11/19/14

Contrast Reagan’s 1983 Speech on Russians Shooting Down KAL007 to Obama’s 40 Seconds on Shoot Down of Malaysian Airliner with Russian Missile – Videos 9/5/1983, 7/17/14

President Ronald Reagan Urges Americans to Not Lose our Patriotic Memory – Farewell Address Video 1989

Flashback: President Ronald Reagan’s 1984 Memorial Day Speech at Arlington National Cemetery – Video 5/28/1984

Rush Limbaugh Praises “Reaganesque” Gov. Scott Walker; Says Walker has Shown what Conservatives can do “Nationally” – Video 1/24/14

President Ronald Reagan’s 1985 Thanksgiving Address: “As Americans We have many Things for Which to be Thankful, None is more Important than our Liberty” – Video 1985

Perhaps the Best Rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” Ever – Sandi Patti on “Liberty Weekend” 1986 – Video

President Ronald Reagan’s 1984 Memorial Day Speech at Arlington National Cemetery – Video 5/28/1984

Lady Margaret Thatcher’s Eulogy for former President Ronald Reagan – Video 2005

Sen. Rand Paul Delivers Foreign Policy Address at Heritage Foundation: Urges Return to Ronald Reagan’s “Robust” but “Restrained” Foreign Policy – Complete Video 2/6/13

Honoring Reagan’s Birthday: Ronald Reagan’s Speech Announcing His Run for President – 11/13/1979

Here is video of a speech delivered by President Ronald Reagan at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on Veteran’s Day – November 11, 1988.

President Ronald Reagan Veterans Day Speech at Vietnam Veterans Memorial – Video 11/11/1988

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