Perhaps the Best Rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” Ever – Sandi Patti on “Liberty Weekend” 1986 – Video

President Ronald Reagan’s 1984 Memorial Day Speech at Arlington National Cemetery – Video 5/28/1984

Lady Margaret Thatcher’s Eulogy for former President Ronald Reagan – Video 2005

Sen. Rand Paul Delivers Foreign Policy Address at Heritage Foundation: Urges Return to Ronald Reagan’s “Robust” but “Restrained” Foreign Policy – Complete Video 2/6/13

Honoring Reagan’s Birthday: Ronald Reagan’s Speech Announcing His Run for President – 11/13/1979

Here is video of a speech delivered by President Ronald Reagan at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on Veteran’s Day – November 11, 1988.

President Ronald Reagan Veterans Day Speech at Vietnam Veterans Memorial – Video 11/11/1988

This audio of then private citizen Ronald Reagan was sent out in 1961 by the American Medical Association on an LP record.

Listen to the prophetic words of Ronald Reagan in 1961 on the advance of Socialism through the mechanism of Liberalism, and most especially, through Socialized Medicine. We are seeing what he warned against come to pass right before our eyes through the Presidency and policies of Barack Obama and the Democratic Party.

Flashback: The Prophetic Words of Ronald Reagan on the Advance of Socialism through Liberalism and Socialized Medicine – Audio 1961

President Obama’s angry slap at Mitt Romney yesterday, saying he likes to “shoot from the hip and aim later,” sounds very much like the attack of another failed Democratic President, Jimmy Carter, against Ronald Reagan in 1980. Reagan turned out to be one of the great Presidents in American History – and Jimmy Carter . . . .

H/T “The Living Room Candidate” via Washington Examiner

Obama’s “Shoot from the Hip” Attack on Mitt Romney Sounds like another Failed Democratic President’s Attack on Ronald Reagan – Video 1980

Absolutely amazing tribute to President Ronald Reagan that played at the 2012 Republican National Convention tonight. Oh to have a leader for our nation again.

Outstanding Ronald Reagan Tribute Video from the 2012 Republican National Convention – Video 8/30/12

A nice new ad from “Americans for Prosperity,” using the words of former President Ronald Reagan to drive home the truth that “freedom leads to prosperity.” The ad will reportedly run in movie theaters across the country.

New AFP Ad to Run in Movie Theaters Lets Ronald Reagan Point the Way to Real Economic Recovery: “Freedom Leads to Prosperity” – Video 8/10/12

July 4 would not be complete without listening to Sandi Patti singing what is, perhaps, the best rendition of our National Anthem ever sung, in my opinion. It was “Liberty Weekend,” 1986, when the Statue of Liberty was re-dedicated on its 100th Anniversary. If you are old enough to remember, it was spectacular. If not, hope you enjoy this video.

Sandi Patti Sings “The Star-Spangled Banner” on “Liberty Weekend” 1986 – Video

I have posted this the past couple of years around the 4th of July. It’s from Ronald Reagan’s farewell address as President, where he urged Americans not to lose our patriotic memory:

On this 4th of July, I can’t think of anything America needs to hear more than a warning President Ronald Reagan gave in his Farewell Address in January 1989. Listen to the video above to hear what he shared with America toward the end of his speech. Reagan turned his attention to what he said he was particularly proud of during his Presidency – a renewal of patriotism and the American Spirit.

Reagan also gave a warning, that unless Americans taught each new generation what it means to be an American, we risk losing our memory as a nation – and along with it – the American spirit. Reagan’s words ring so true today. Instead of teaching that America is an exceptional nation that has been the greatest force for good in the history of the world – our schools, universities, media, and even political leaders more often focus only on the perceived failures in American History. What Reagan warned against has happened to a great extent – America has lost her memory, and with it, our commitment to the principles that have made America the greatest nation on earth.

Ronald Reagan would be saddened to see what has happened to our nation, but he would not be a pessimist. Neither should we be. We must do all we can to restore the memory of our nation and with it, America’s spirit. America is still that “shining city on a hill” that Reagan spoke of, a nation that has freed tens of millions of people from tyranny this decade! Let us heed Reagan’s call and his warning, and do our part to tell the truth about America.

President Ronald Reagan Warned Americans Not to Lose our Patriotic Memory – Video 1989

One of the great speeches by an American President, here is video of President Ronald Reagan speaking on the 40th Anniversary of the D-Day Invasion, June 6, 1984, at Pointe Du Hoc, Normandy, France.

Full Text of Reagan’s Speech

President Ronald Reagan’s Great Speech on the 40th Anniversary of D-Day – Video June 6, 1984

Here is video of the Fox News Panel Plus today where Brit Hume said on the chances of Mitt Romney defeating Barack Obama, “I don’t think you need Ronald Reagan or Abraham Lincoln to beat this President.”

Brit Hume on Romney vs. Obama: “I Don’t Think You Need Ronald Reagan or Abraham Lincoln to Beat this President” – Video 5/13/12

Here is video of Michael Reagan today saying President Barack Obama is “lying about my father to try and pass his piece of legislation.” Reagan said Obama is trying to “dress himself up as Ronald Reagan,” even though he is not doing what Reagan did.

Reagan was trying to close loopholes for the wealthy, but actually lower tax rates for all income levels – not raise the tax rate on the wealthy. Obama is trying to raise tax rates on the very people who have the capital to start businesses and create jobs.

Michael Reagan also said his father “would be applauding” the Paul Ryan budget plan.

Michael Reagan: “Barack Obama is Lying about my Father” – Video 4/18/12

As we listen to Barack Obama and the Democrats desperately try to cling to power over the next seven months, remember this joke told by Ronald Reagan about the “Democratic Platform!”

Classic Video of President Ronald Reagan Telling a Joke about Democrats – Video

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