Here is video of Sen. Roy Blunt saying it is important to find out the “chain of information” to determine how the CIA’s original talking points about the Benghazi attack – that it was carried out by terrorists – got altered and by whom. Blunt was speaking after hearing Gen. David Petraeus testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee today. Blunt also said he wants to know how, five days after the attack, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice was still basing her explanation of the attack on the totally false report that there was a spontaneous demonstration over an anti-Islamic video that caused the attack. Blunt said we know there never was any demonstration.

Sen. Roy Blunt after Petraeus Testimony: Why was Susan Rice Five Days after Benghazi Saying “the Main Event” was “an Event that Didn’t Happen at All”? – Video 11/16/12

Here is video of GOP U.S. Senate candidate Roy Blunt during a debate today with Democrat Robin Carnahan, where he said he would call for not spending the final $200 Billion of the failed Obama Stimulus Plan. He also said he would put a “stop payment” on over $100 million slated to go to Carnahan’s brother’s Windfarm business.

GOP’s Roy Blunt Calls for Not Spending Final $200 Billion of Obama’s Failed Stimulus – Video 10/14/10

Here is video of a unique and effective new web ad for Missouri GOP U.S. Senate candidate, Roy Blunt, that features several young adults talking about their struggle to find a job just out of college. They all support Roy Blunt because of his plan to help put people back to work. The young people make it clear they believe Obama’s policies have made it difficult for businesses to hire.

New Roy Blunt Ad in Missouri Features Young Adults on Difficulty Finding a Job in Obama’s Economy – Video

This is the kind of ad we need to see more of all around the country.

Republican Rep. Roy Blunt uses this ad to hang the radical Obama agenda around the neck of his Democrat opponent for U.S. Senate – Robin Carnahan. The ad says Carnahan supported Obama’s Stimulus Bill, Government Run Health Care, and a new Energy tax. It then asked voters, “Do you?”

The more Republican candidates can run against Obama in their local races, the stronger the GOP wave will become.

Roy Blunt Runs Against Obama in Ad Against His Missouri U.S. Senate Opponent – Video

Here is video of GOP Rep. Roy Blunt’s first tv ad which is now airing in Missouri. Blunt is running against Democrat Robin Carnahan for the open U.S. Senate seat now held by retiring Sen. Kit Bond. In this ad, Blunt focuses on his experience as a former University President and High School Teacher. He says he wants to get out-of-contrl spending under control.

In the ad, Blunt never metions his 14 years in Congress. I guess that tells you he does not think mentioning being a member of the House is a positive thing right now.

Roy Blunt Campaign Ad in Missouri Focuses on Spending Control; Avoids Mentioning Experience in Congress – Video

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