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Here is video of Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey talking with Sen. Marco Rubio this afternoon about the bi-partisan Comprehensive Immigration Reform he helped to craft, and rolled out today alongside Senators John McCain, Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin and Bob Menendez. Rubio assured listeners he will not support any legislation that does not make securing the border a pre-requisite to moving forward with the process of allowing those already here illegally to get in line for citizenship.

Ed Morrissey Talks to Sen. Marco Rubio about his “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” Plan – Video 1/28/13

Here is audio from Herman Cain’s Radio Show today, where he said he likes the “Gang of 8” bi-partisan, Marco Rubio-led Comprehensive Immigration Reform plan that is in the works right now. Cain said “it is not amnesty”:

“It is a way to allow people that are here to work here temporarily until they get in line and go through the process that’s been around since dirt. . . I consider that Marco Rubio got it right.”

Herman Cain Endorses Rubio, Bi-Partisan Senate Immigration Plan: “It is Not Amnesty. . . Rubio Got it Right” – Audio 1/28/13

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