Rush Limbaugh: “Journalists” on TV and in White House Press Corps are “Actors” – Audio 1/15/18

Rush Limbaugh: “Trump is Dismantling brick by brick the Mansion that is American Liberalism” – Audio 12/22/17

Rush Limbaugh: The way to Stop Mueller is to Prevent Democrats from Winning the House in 2018 – Audio 12/5/17

Rush Limbaugh Tells the Thanksgiving Story – Video

Limbaugh Parody: Bill Clinton gives Al Franken Advice on Dealing with Sexual Harassment Scandal – Audio 11/17/17

Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Won Virginia because of “Illegal Aliens and Felons” – Audio 11/8/17

Rush Limbaugh on NeverTrump GOP Sen. Jeff Flake: “He thought he would become a National Hero,” but He Failed – Audio 10/26/17

Rush Limbaugh: The Huge Scandal is the Democrats Collusion with Russia to Pass Off Fake Dossier as Actual Intelligence Info – Audio 10/26/17

Rush Limbaugh: Trump, Pence Standing up for America is Exactly why they Won the 2016 Election – Audio 10/9/17

Rush Limbaugh: Reports Trump to Decertify Iran Deal, Trump Rollback of Obama’s Birth Control Mandate, Funding for Trump Border Wall will Excite GOP Base – Audio 10/6/17

Rush Limbaugh Annnounces His Radio Audience Hits 27 Million – Audio 9/21/17

Rush Limbaugh Laughs at Leftist Outrage over Trump Retweet of Golf GIF Hitting Hillary Clinton! – Audio 9/18/17

Rush Limbaugh: Trump Deal with Pelosi, Schumer “Likely Not a One-Off” Thanks to Obstructionist GOP – Audio 9/11/17

Limbaugh: If Ryan and McConnell would Work with Trump “for Just 3 Months” to Pass His Agenda, “Dems wouldn’t have a Prayer for 25 Years” – Audio 9/7/17

VP Mike Pence Tells Rush Limbaugh: “We will see Houston and Southeast Texas All the Way Through this (Hurricane Harvey) Crisis” – Audio 8/28/17

Rush Limbaugh: Media Trying to Destroy Donald Trump Jr. and any Future Political Career – Audio 7/11/17

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