Rush Limbaugh: Media Afraid of Me Moderating GOP Debates; Don’t Want Me Picking Nominee, because They Want to – Audio 8/16/13

Rush Limbaugh: “I’m Too Famous” to Moderate 2016 GOP Debates; “I’d Overshadow” Everyone – Audio 8/15/13

Rush Limbaugh Hammers Thin-Skinned Obama and the Left over the Missouri “Rodeo Clown” Fiasco – Video 8/14/13

Rush Limbaugh Blasts Obama “Clown Controversy”: “It is as Though Obama is a Messiah” and is Above being Made Fun Of”. . . “This is Infantile” – Audio 8/14/13

Rush Limbaugh Mocks Obama’s Most Recent Gaffes: If it were Bush or Reagan, the Story would be “Do we have Dementia?” – Audio 8/8/13

Rush Limbaugh on RNC Ultimatum: “Why should the GOP Participate in (MSNBC, NBC, CNN, ABC) Debates Designed to Defeat Them?” – Audio 8/5/13

Liberal Talk Radio Host Says the Left’s “Boycott Rush Limbaugh” Effort actually “Did a Lot of Damage to Progressive Talk Radio” – Video 8/4/13

Rush Limbaugh Celebrates 25 Years on the Air: “That’s 24 3/4 Years Longer than Democrats Hoped! – Video 8/1/13

Rush Limbaugh: “The Country is Hanging by a Thread”; Democrats Need to be Defeated – Video 7/30/13

Rush Limbaugh Gives Wide-Ranging Interview to Greta Van Susteren; Explains the “Limbaugh Theorem” and Says Democrats need to be Defeated – Videos 7/30/13

Interview with Rush Limbaugh to Air on Greta Tonight for Full Hour – Preview Video 7/30/13

Limbaugh Responds to Obama Claim Vietnamese Communist Dictator Ho Chi Minh was “Inspired” by U.S. Founders – Audio 7/26/13

Rush Limbaugh Reacts to Rachel Jeantel’s “New School” Language Lesson; Points out Rachel said She Told Martin that Zimmerman “Might be a Rapist” – Audio 7/16/13

Rush Limbaugh Takes Apart Senate Immigration Bill in Exchange with Bob Beckel on “The Five” – Video 7/10/13

Rush Limbaugh on “Fox & Friends”: GOP should make 2014 Midterms about “Unworkable” ObamaCare, Not “Policies Guaranteed to Lose Elections” – Video 7/2/13

Rush Limbaugh Discusses NYT Report that Obama is Pulling Strings on Senate Immigration Push – Audio 6/21/13

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