New Rubio Ad Features Rush Limbaugh saying “Marco Rubio is a Legitimate, Full-Throated Conservative” – Video 2/4/16

Rush Limbaugh: Nikki Haley’s GOP Response was Sending Message Establishment Intends to Stop Trump in South Carolina – Audio 1/13/16

Rush Limbaugh on Ted Cruz Debate Performance: “I thought Ted Cruz was Outstanding Last Night” – Audio 12/16/15

Rush Limbaugh: Trump Muslim Immigration Proposal Totally Legal; Law used by Jimmy Carter in 1979 – 12/9/15

Rush Limbaugh Tells the True Story of Thanksgiving – Video

Rush Limbaugh Interview with Chris Wallace: Hammers Obama on ISIS Failure; Praises Trump, Cruz; Says Carson “Probably Not” Equipped to be President at this Point – Video 11/22/15

Rush Limbaugh: University of Missouri President Forced Out “for the Crime of being a White Male” – Audio 11/9/15

Rush Limbaugh: Trump is “Riveting”; Message will Resonate; Think “Ross Perot”; Could Hand Election to Hillary – Audio 6/16/15

Rush Limbaugh Calls Gov. Scott Walker “a Walking Gold Mine” for Republicans – Audio 2/2/15

Rush Limbaugh: Gov. Scott Walker “is the Blueprint for the Republican Party” to Defeat the Left – Audio 1/26/15

Rush Limbaugh Mocks Obama’s Idea that Propping up the Castros will Further Human Rights – Audio 12/18/14

Rush Limbaugh on how much GOP should Worry about Hillary in 2016: “Not very. . . The Hype Finally is Over” – Video 12/7/14

Rush Limbaugh Hammers the Left’s High Taxes Agenda for Eric Garner Death – Video 12/7/14

Rush Limbaugh Tells, “The True Story of Thanksgiving” – Video 11/23/2011

Rush Limbaugh: Everyone Knows what Obama is Doing Tonight is Unconstitutional – Audio 11/20/14

Rush Limbaugh Destroys Obama Claim He’s Just Doing what Ronald Reagan did on Amnesty – Video 11/19/14

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