Franklin Graham Tells CNN the U.S. Cannot Take in all the People of the World – “But We can Go to Them” – Video 12/13/16

Here is video of Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren talking with Gov. Sarah Palin in Haiti about the devastation and suffering they saw during their visit there last week. Palin, along with husband Todd, and daughter Bristol went to Haiti along with Rev. Franklin Graham and Greta Van Susteren. They focused on the work Graham’s ministry – Samaritan’s Purse – is doing in Haiti to try and save the people there from a Cholera Epidemic.

Palin also hammered Democrat Sen. Patrick Leahy – who Van Susteren said has called for an end of American aid to Haiti until the corruption there can be dealt with. Palin said the priorities of some – like Leahy, are very skewed, as they will vote to build a tunnel to save “Sea Turtles” in Florida but don’t want to send aid money “that could actually save a baby’s life in Haiti.” Palin said while she does not see Government as the solution to the problems in Haiti, she would at least like to see a message from the U.S. Government that Haiti needs help, and a mobilization of faith-based and charitable groups to help with the massive needs there.

Palin Hammers Democrat Sen. Patrick Leahy over Reported Call for an End to Help for Haiti – Video

Here is a nice video showing images of Sarah Palin along with husband, Todd, in Haiti with Rev. Franklin Graham and his Samaritan’s Purse ministry. The Palins went to Haiti this weekend along with Graham and Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren to see the status of the cholera epidemic there, and to help with the Haitian people.

The video is set to the music of “Finally Home,” by Mercy Me.

Below is a video report on their visit by Rev. Franklin Graham:

Sarah and Todd Palin Assist Rev. Franklin Graham in Haiti – Video 12/12/10

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