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Here is video of Donald Trump this morning in a combative exchange about the issue of President Obama’s Birth Certificate with MSNBC’s Savannah Guthrie and Chuck Todd. Both Gurthrie and Todd laughed at Trump throughout the exchange, and talked to him with a completely dismissive attitude. Trump was unfazed, continuing to say it is a legitimate issue and that Obama can make it go away by producing his Birth Certificate – not a “Certificate of Live Birth.”

They went on to talk about Libya, where Trump was asked if he would arm the Rebels there. He said he would want to know first “who they are.” Trump indicated he has heard up to 20% of the Rebels are aligned with Al-Qaeda and Iran – with many of them having actually fought against U.S. Troops in Iraq. Trump said he would have found out who they are BEFORE starting a bombing campaign in the country.

As for a timeline on when Trump will decide if he is running for President, he said he would announce a decision “before June.”

Trump got a good shot in at Todd and Guthrie at the end of the interview. He said he was sure they would confirm that his “Celebrity Apprentice” show is “by far” the most popular show on their NBC network. Trump said he was they would confirm that even though they won’t confirm “the birther” issue.

Donald Trump in Combative Exchange on MSNBC over Obama Birth Certificate – Video 3/31/11

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