Here is video of Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne on CNN discussing his plan to have at least one person in every school armed with a firearm for the protection of students. The AG proposes it be the school principal – or someone he/she designates – who would be trained in the use of a firearm.

Predictably, the CNN host is appalled at the idea, arguing against common sense itself that there is no evidence that having an armed guard in a school would be of any benefit against an intruder!

One thing it would guarantee is that the bad guy would not be the only person in the school with a gun.

AZ Attorney General Discusses Plan to have One Armed Person in Every School; CNN Host Argues there’s No Evidence that Would Help against an Armed Intruder – Video 12/27/12

Common sense.

Here is video of Texas School District Superintendent interviewed by CBS News about their plan, implemented following the Virginia Tech Massacre, that has multiple teachers and staff in their school carrying concealed weapons. The Superintendent created the “Guardian Plan” to defend children against possible intruders. Since the Newtown Massacre, the Superintendent said he has gotten calls from all across Texas and from other states asking about their “Guardian Plan.”

Texas School Superintendent Talks about their “Guardian Plan” with Teachers, Staff Carrying Concealed Firearms in the Classroom – Video Report 12/18/12

Bill Bennett is exactly right – perhaps more than “one.”

Via The Rightnewz

Bill Bennett: “I’m Not so sure I wouldn’t want One Person in a School Armed, Ready for this Kind of Thing. . . But, My God, if You can Prevent this Kind of Thing . . .” – Video 12/16/12

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