Walker Tries to Cast Dropout Decision as “Leadership” to Stop Donald Trump – Video 9/21/15

Gov. Scott Walker Delivers Rousing Speech at SC Freedom Summit: “Let’s Go Forward and make America Great Again!” – Video 5/9/15

Gov. Scott Walker Speaks in NH; Blasts Obama for Not taking Seriously the “Threat of Radical Islamic Terrorism” – Video 3/14/15

Gov. Scott Walker Speech at CPAC 2015: We Need to Go After ISIS Before they can Hit us at Home – Video 2/26/15

Gov. Scott Walker Speaks at Ronald Reagan’s Alma Mater on the 104th Anniversary of Reagan’s Birthday – Video 2/6/15

Gov. Scott Walker Delivers Strong Speech at “Iowa Freedom Summit” – Video 1/24/15

Gov. Scott Walker gives Rousing Speech at CPAC 2013: “In America, We believe in the People, Not in the Government” – Complete Video 3/16/13

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