Donald Trump Extensive Interview with Sean Hannity; Praises Paul Ryan on Moves to Unify GOP – Complete Video 5/12/16

Hannity on Paul Ryan Breaking His Word: “I’m not Ready to Support Speaker Ryan anymore. . . Maybe We need a New Speaker” – Video 5/5/16

Newt Gingrich on Trump: “May Turn Out to be the Most Effective Anti-Left Leader in our Lifetime” – Video 5/3/16

Ted Cruz Loses it When Sean Hannity Confronts Him about His Shenanigans to Win Voterless Victories – Audio 4/19/16

Manafort: “April is going to be a very Bad Month for Ted Cruz”; Cruz will finish “Distant Third” is some Contests – Video 4/12/16

Gov. Mike Huckabee: “I cannot Imagine any Republican” would Support Hillary over Trump or Cruz – Video 4/8/16

Ted Cruz Interview on “Hannity”; Cruz Thinks Many Trump Voters Will Support Him if He Wins at a Contested Convention – Video 3/28/16

Lindsey Graham Appears on “Hannity” to Answer for Comparing Sean to Rachel Maddow – Video 6/9/15

Radical Muslim Imam Anjem Choudary Squares Off with Pam Geller on “Hannity”; Says Geller should Die – Video 5/6/15

Radical Muslim Cleric Anjem Choudary Interviewed by Sean Hannity; First Interview Following Arrest in London – Video 9/30/14

Mark Levin: Obama Letting ISIS “Cockroaches” Spread on His Watch “One of the Worst National Security Screw-ups in Modern U.S. History” – Video 8/27/14

Hannity has Explosive Shootout with Radical Muslim Anjem Choudary; Warns “Sharia is Coming”; “Entire World” will be under “Sharia” – Video 8/27/14

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters: ISIS Views Obama as the “Weak Link in the West’s Armor” – Video 8/21/14

Hannity has Heated Exchange with Pro-Palestinian Activist who Will Not admit Hamas is a “Terrorist Organization” – Video 7/24/14

Texas Gov. Rick Perry: Obama can Secure the Border if He Wants To; Calls for Sending National Guard Troops to Work with Border Patrol – Video 7/9/14

Sean Hannity Slams “RINO” Joe Scarborough for Saying Al Sharpton is “A Great Example to People” – Video 4/9/14

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