“Million Muslim March” on Washington Set for 9/11 Changed to “Million American March against Fear” – Video 8/19/13

Mark Levin with Live Audience on “Hannity” Discusses “The Liberty Amendments” – Complete Video 8/16/13


Roger Ailes on Megyn Kelly’s Taking Hannity’s Primetime Slot: “All of our Stars Will be Back” – 8/8/13 UPDATE: Ailes also Plans to Put Competitors “Completely out of Business”

Sean Hannity on Report Megyn Kelly with take His 9 PM ET Fox News Time Slot: “Let’s Just Say, in the End, I’m Very Happy” – Audio 8/8/13


Drudge Reports Fox News Will Move Megyn Kelly to Hannity’s 9 PM ET Time Slot – 8/8/13

Conservative Michelle Malkin Lowers the Boom on Leftist Al Sharpton: “He thinks He can Lose Weight, Put Pancake Makeup On, and All of a Sudden He’s Respectable” – Video 7/31/13

Sen. Rand Paul Says He Will Support Effort to Not Fund ObamaCare; Doubts GOP will have the Courage to Do It – Video 7/25/13

Sean Hannity Responds to Scarborough Attack: “You Keep Selling Your Soul for a Paycheck by Attacking Real Conservatives” – Audio 7/22/13 UPDATED with TV Response

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Attacks Sean Hannity for Pointing out Barack Obama’s Previous Marijuana Usage in Response to “I could have been Trayvon” Remark – Video 7/22/13

Hannity Confronts NAACP Official; Asks if He can Name “One” of the 61 People Killed in Chicago During Zimmerman Trial – Video 7/18/13

GOP Reps. Steve King, Louis Gohmert Say Senate Immigration Bill won’t Secure the Border – Video 6/20/13

Ann Coulter Reacts to Multiple Obama Scandals: “They Don’t Care about Terrorism – They want to Spy on their Political Enemies” – Video 6/6/13

Michelle Malkin Slams “Political Correctness” as the “Handmaiden of Islamic Terrorism” in Wake of British Soldier’s Killing by Jihadists in London –

Sean Hannity, Brent Bozell Hammer “Left-Wing Journalist” Joe Scarborough of MSNBC: “Never Call Yourself a Conservative Again” – Video 4/25/13

Sen. Ted Cruz: Goal of “Universal Background Checks” is a “Federal List of Every Gun Owner in America” – Video 4/11/13

Liberal Guest on “Hannity” has Meltdown in Repeated Attacks on Dr. Benjamin Carson; Refers to Dr. Carson as a “Monster” Created by Hannity – Video 4/1/13

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