Krauthammer: Democrats will “Rue the Day” they Destroyed the Senate Filibuster Rule – Video 11/21/13

George Will on Democrats’ Destruction of the Senate Filibuster Rule: “It’s a Sad Day for what used to be a Great Deliberative Body” – Video 11/21/13

Jay Carney on Obama’s Hypocritical About Face on Using the “Nuclear Option” to End Senate 60-Vote Rule; In 2005 Obama Defended the Rule He Now wants to End – Videos 2005, 2013

Sen. Orrin Hatch Slams Democrats’ Push to Use the Nuclear Option to Weaken Rights of the Minority in the U.S. Senate – Video 7/11/13

“But of course.” Makes perfect sense!

Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer: Of Course it’s Okay to Change the Senate Rules since We are in the Majority! – Video 12/9/12

Here is video of then Sen. Barack Obama and other Democrats arguing piously in defense of keeping the 60-votes needed to break a filibuster rule in the U.S. Senate back when they were in the minority. Now, Harry Reid and Barack Obama want to do away with the rule.

Flashback: Obama and the Democrats were Strongly For the Senate Filibuster Rule before they were Against It – Compilation Video

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