Senate Intelligence Committee: Still No “Findings” of “Collusion” between Trump and Russia; Witch Hunt Will Continue – Video 10/4/17

NBC News Reports Senate Intelligence Committee Faults Hillary Clinton State Department for the Benghazi Attack; Calls it “Preventable” – Video 1/16/14

Here is video of Sen. Roy Blunt saying it is important to find out the “chain of information” to determine how the CIA’s original talking points about the Benghazi attack – that it was carried out by terrorists – got altered and by whom. Blunt was speaking after hearing Gen. David Petraeus testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee today. Blunt also said he wants to know how, five days after the attack, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice was still basing her explanation of the attack on the totally false report that there was a spontaneous demonstration over an anti-Islamic video that caused the attack. Blunt said we know there never was any demonstration.

Sen. Roy Blunt after Petraeus Testimony: Why was Susan Rice Five Days after Benghazi Saying “the Main Event” was “an Event that Didn’t Happen at All”? – Video 11/16/12

Fox News, and other media outlets, are reporting this morning that Gen. David Petraeus will testify before the House and Senate Intelligence Committee this Friday about the Benghazi Scandal. . . . .

Report: Gen. David Petraeus to Testify on Benghazi this Friday – Video Report 11/14/12

Via HotAirPundit

Here is video of General David Petraeus at his Senate Intelligence Committee confirmation hearing to be the next CIA Director, being asked by Democrat Sen. Diane Feinstein his view on President Obama’s decision to pull 33,000 troops out of Afghanistan over the coming months.

Petraeus described a process of three meetings he had with Obama where he set forth an array of options he could choose from. Petraeus tried to say it as nicely as he could:

“The ultimate decision was a more aggressive formulation, if you will, in terms of the timeline than what we had recommended.”

In other words – Obama ignored the commanders on the ground and chose “broader considerations” (political expediency) over what is best for the military operation. That’s exactly what we have come to expect from this President.

Gen. David Petraeus on Obama Troop Withdrawal: “The Ultimate Decision was a more Aggressive Formulation. . . of the Timeline than what We had Recommended” – Video 6/23/11

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