Ice Storm Hits Dallas, North Texas, Arkansas and Beyond – Video 12/6/13


Storm Chaser Describes Watching “Nightmare Tornado” Form over Moore, Oklahoma – Video 5/20/13

Violent Storms Spawn Tornadoes Across Oklahoma and Kansas; Mobile Home Park Leveled in Shawnee, OK – Video 5/19/13


Massive Snowstorm Hits Central Plains; Missouri Governor Declares State of Emergency – Video Report 2/21/13

Raw Videos of Tornado that Hit Hattiesburg, Mississippi; Causes Significant Damage – 2/10/13

“The Great Blizzard of 2013″ Dumps more than Two Feet of Snow in some Areas from NY to Boston – Video Reports 2/9/13

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg on “Winter Storm Nemo” – Video 2/8/13

A massive pile-up on I-275 near Fairfield, Ohio in bad weather involved as many as 100 vehicles today.

Below is cellphone video showing a close view of the aftermath:

Massive Pile-up on I-275 in Ohio Involves up to 100 Vehicles – Raw Video 1/21/13

Here is video of a massive grass-fire burning near I-35 in Logan county, Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol closed portions of I-35 for a time on Wednesday while firefighters battled the blaze.

Massive Grass-Fire Burns Near I-35 in Oklahoma – Raw Video 7/25/12

It’s that time of year again.

Tropical Storm Debby Forms in the Gulf of Mexico – Video Report 6/23/12

Here is raw video from the Indiana State Fair tonight where a stage collapsed from high winds during a strong Thunderstorm that moved through the area. Some reports tonight say at least three people are dead as a result of the collapse.

Raw Video Shows Stage Collapse at Indiana State Fair During Severe Storm; At Least Three People Reported Dead – 8/13/11

Here is raw video shot by a resident of Sedalia, Missouri, where a tornado hit part of the city this afternoon. So far, no fatalities have been reported, but there are injuries, and quite a bit of damage done.

This raw video catches the tornado briefly on tape.

Via KMBC U Local Page

Raw Video Captures Tornado that Struck Sedalia, Missouri Today – Video 5/25/11

Here is a video report on the outbreak of tornadoes that killed 13 people yesterday in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas:

WASHINGTON TIMES: Violent storms with winds of more than 150 mph slammed into a chunk of the central U.S. overnight, killing at least 13 people in three states, flattening homes, crushing cars and ripping apart a rural Arkansas fire station.

The high-powered storms arrived Tuesday night and early Wednesday, just days after a massive tornado tore up the southwest Missouri city of Joplin and killed 122 people.

The latest storms killed at least eight people in Oklahoma and two in Kansas before trekking east into Arkansas to claim three more lives. . . . Read More

At Least 13 Dead in Tornado Outbreak in Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas – Video Report 5/25/11

A massive snowstorm has started dumping 10″-20″ of snow on the middle part of the U.S. this morning – a storm that is expected to impact up to 100 million people. Blizzard warnings have been issued from Texas to Indiana and beyond. Above is a home video I found on YouTube from Central Missouri as the storm gets underway.

The same storm system has already hit the Dallas area with snow and ice ahead of Sunday’s Super Bowl to be played at Cowboys Stadium. Below is video of the snow around the stadium:

Blizzard Across the Plains Set to Dump Up to 20″ Inches of Snow Across Multiple States – Video 2/1/11

Here are video reports of the invasion of mud that has hit California as a result of massive rains. In many cases, cars and homes are encased in mud that is now hardening and virtually impossible to move or clean up.

Mud Invades Areas of California after Massive Rains – Video Reports 12/23/10

Here is dramatic raw video shot by a stormchaser in Minnesota of a tornado destroying a farmhouse in Wilkin County near the North Dakota border. The video also shows the tornado after it hit the house crossing a road with the stormchaser driving almost right up to it.

Dramatic Raw Video Shows Tornado Destroying Minnesota Farmhouse

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