WAPO: Sleazy “Push Polls” being Used against Rubio, Trump in SC; May be Traced to Firm Connected to Cruz Camp; Cruz Campaign Denies – 2/11/16

Trump Holds Big Rally in Clemson, South Carolina: “You Vote for Me, We Win Here, We Run the Table” – Video 2/10/16

New Trump Ad Hammers Ted Cruz for Dirty Tricks against Ben Carson in Iowa Caucuses: “What Kind of Man” – Video 2/9/16

Ted Cruz Turns Donald Trump into an Action Figure in New Attack Ad – Video 2/9/16

Donald Trump Holds Rally in Lexington, South Carolina – Complete Video 1/27/16

Donald Trump Speaks to SC Tea Party Coalition; Gets a Few Boos when Hitting Ted Cruz; Receives Standing Ovation at the End – Complete Video 1/16/16

Donald Trump Holds Large Rally in Hilton Head, SC – Video 12/30/15

Donald Trump in SC: “People are Tired of What is Happening to our Country”; “It’s Going to Stop Soon” – Complete Video 10/19/15

Donald Trump Speaks to Enthusiastic Crowd of 1,800 at Greenville, SC Rally – Complete Video 8/27/15

Rubio Web Ad Highlights His Campaigning in the Key State of South Carolina – Video

Sen. Rand Paul Campaign Rally in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina – Video 4/9/15

Sen. Ted Cruz Campaigns in South Carolina; Calls for “Flat Tax” and Abolishing the IRS – Videos 4/4/15

Sen. Ted Cruz Buys Airtime in Key Early-Voting States; Will Air Great New Ad During “A.D.: The Bible Continues” on Easter Sunday – Video 4/3/15


Poll: Scott Walker takes Slim Lead over Jeb Bush in South Carolina Primary; Ted Cruz makes Big Move Up – 3/31/15

Sen. Ted Cruz Speech to SC Tea Party Coalition: It’s Time for the GOP to Nominate a Genuine Conservative – Complete Video 1/18/15


Gov. Jeb Bush Delivers Commencement Address at Univ. of South Carolina – Video 12/15/14

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