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Poll: Former Gov. Mark Sanford has the Momentum going into Special House Election Tomorrow – 5/5/13

GOP U.S. Senator from Kentucky - Rand Paul

Report: Sen. Rand Paul Staffer Lobbied SC GOP for Speech Invite that went to Sen. Ted Cruz Instead – 4/12/13

New Teddy Turner Ad in SC Hits Career Politicians: “Sugar, Would You Give Me One More Chance?” – Video 2/26/13

New Mark Sanford SC Congressional Primary Ad: “None of Us Go Through Life without Mistakes” – Video 2/18/13

Nothing like the virtue of unbiased journalism!

Here is video of CNN’s Carol Costello arguing with Charleston County, South Carolina Sheriff Al Cannon, who has said he will not enforce any new gun laws that he deems “unconstitutional.”

Costello really did not sound like a journalist trying to listen to the viewpoint of this Sheriff, and sounded much more like an apologist for Diane Feinstein’s anti-gun legislation.

CNN’s Carol Costello becomes Apologist for Gun Control with South Carolina Sheriff Who Says He Won’t Enforce “Unconstitutional” Anti-Gun Laws – Video 1/25/13 – Columbia, South Carolina |

Here is a video report from WISTV in South Carolina about a public high school teacher in Chapin, South Carolina, who reportedly stomped on the American Flag during classes in front of students. The teacher has reportedly been replaced for the rest of the school year as an investigation of exactly what happened continues.

SC High School Teacher Reportedly Stomps on American Flag During Class – Video Report 1/8/13

Above is video of Henry McMaster in 2010 endorsing Nikki Haley for Governor after losing to her in the GOP Primary. NOTE: McMaster has a REALLY strong Southern accent!

That would be a surprise. I think many of us believed she would appoint GOP Rep. Tim Scott to fill DeMint’s seat:

BIG GOVERNMENT: Former South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster has emerged as one of the leading candidates to replace outgoing Republican South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint, who is leaving the Senate to head the Heritage Foundation next month.

According to the Pajamas Media, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who, by law, must appoint DeMint’s successor, has “reportedly already informed key South Carolina politicians of her decision” to appoint McMaster.

Haley on Friday said she would not appoint herself to the seat but would make an appointment “quickly.” A special election for a full six-year term will be held in 2014, and McMaster may be appointed as a placeholder, which would mean many of the state’s top young conservatives would enter the primary to win DeMint’s Senate seat in 2014. . . . Read More

Report: SC Gov. Nikki Haley may Appoint former SC Attorney General Henry McMaster to Fill Jim DeMint U.S. Senate Seat – 12/8/12

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