BREAKING: Terrorist Attack in Barcelona, Spain; Multiple Deaths and Injuries; Possible Hostage Situation – Live Video Feed 8/17/17

Raw Video Shows Horrific Train Derailment in Spain that has Killed at least 78 People – Raw Video 7/25/13

ITN: Dramatic footage captures the moment a woman faints and falls onto the tracks in Madrid. She was saved by an off duty policeman.

Raw Video: Woman in Madrid, Spain Rescued by Off-Duty Police Officer after Fainting and Falling onto Subway Tracks – Raw Video 1/22/13

Greta Van Susteren has sounded off on her GretaWire about Michelle Obama’s lavish vacation to Spain during tough economic times. She’s not impressed:

GretaWire: “I just read an article in this morning’s newspaper about the First Lady’s star power and the Democrats desire to get her out on the campaign trail for candidates. I thought that was a great idea until her vacation in Spain last week. Now I think her presence is a liability. Taking a splashy foreign vacation at this time was dumb. I don’t begrudge her a vacation but the huge cost – and foreign – is a p/r nightmare. Americans are tightening their belts right now because of the dismal economy and she has a very fancy high profile holiday. To the extent that her vacation paid hotel workers, it would have been politically sound to pay American hotel workers. And it does not help her p/r that she told Americans to go to the Gulf to vacation to help the Americans struggling from the BP leak and she went to Spain.” . . . Read More

Greta Van Susteren Calls Michelle Obama’s “Splashy Foreign Vacation” to Spain “Dumb”

Here is raw video of Michelle Obama, and daughter Sasha, being greeted by King Juan Carlos and Queen Sophia of Spain on Sunday at the royal family’s holiday retreat on the resort island of Mallorca in the Mediterranean. The group posed for a photo-op together. Michelle and Sasha have been on a getaway vacation to a luxury resort in Spain that is costing U.S. Taxpayers an estimated $75,000 a day.

Raw Video of Michelle Obama and Sasha Greeted by the King and Queen of Spain

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