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John Boehner has just been re-elected as Speaker of the House of Representatives. For a moment, there were the 17 no votes/not voting needed to throw it to a second ballot. But then several GOP Representatives who had previously not voted came in for Boehner . . .

BREAKING: John Boehner Re-Elected as Speaker of the House of Representatives – 1/3/13

Here is video of GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz on with Sean Hannity last night where he said he has no doubt that John Boehner will be re-elected as Speaker of the House today when the 113th Congress convenes. There had been some speculation among conservatives yesterday that a group of Republicans might have the votes to unseat him as Speaker. Does not look like that is the case. It will be interesting to see if anything unusual develops.

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GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz: “No Doubt in My Mind” John Boehner Will be Re-Elected as Speaker of the House Today – Video 1/2/13

Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi passes the gavel to Speaker John Boehner.

Nancy Pelosi Hands Over the Gavel to John Boehner – Video

United House Republicans decided unanimously today to elect Rep. John Boehner as the next Speaker of the House. Boehner will take over as Speaker from Nancy Pelosi when the new Congress is sworn in this coming January:

POLITICO: House Republicans have officially elected Ohio Republican John Boehner as their nominee for speaker of the House.

The unanimous voice vote came in a closed-door conference meeting in the Longworth House Office building. The two-decade veteran of Congress from western Ohio met no opposition and will ascend to the top perch in the House when Republicans officially take control in January. Sens. Saxby Chambliss of Georgia and Richard Burr of North Carolina, two of Boehner’s best friends from their days in the House, came to Longworth for the nomination. . . . . Read More

Rep. John Boehner Elected to be the Next Speaker of the House

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