Stratfor Africa Analyst Mark Schroeder explains how the raid to free hostages held by jihadists illustrated Algeria’s willingness to defend its national security regardless of foreign nationals’ safety or international opinion.

There is little clear word yet as to the number of hostages killed in the “rescue” attempt that Stratfor believes was much more a move to crush the Al-Qaeda Terrorists.

STRATFOR: Algerian “Rescue” Operation Designed to Crush Terrorist Hostage-Takers Despite Risk to Hostages – Video 1/17/13

Outstanding analysis of what’s going on in Israel from They explain that Hamas is firing what are likely Iranian Fajr-5 Missiles into Israel, a different type than they have ever used before, a longer-range missile capable of threatening Israel’s major economic and population centers, including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Pressure is building on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to put an end to the attacks. A ground offensive into Gaza to root out the location of the rockets is likely.

Stratfor: Israel Prepares for Gaza Ground Operation to Root out Hamas Rocket Attacks Using Iranian Missiles – Video Report 11/16/12

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