The Pro-2nd Amendment Super Bowl Ad You Won’t See During the Game because it was Rejected – Video

Oprah Winfrey Narrates Jeep’s “Whole Again” Super Bowl Ad Tribute to U.S. Troops – Video 2/3/13

Dodge Uses Paul Harvey’s “God Made a Farmer” in Outstanding Super Bowl Ad – Video 2/3/13

Video of Some of the Best 2013 Super Bowl XLVII Ads – Videos

Here’s a Super Bowl XLVI Ad from Downy that does a remix of the memorable “Mean Joe Greene” Coca-Cola ad from the 1979. The Downy ad is above, and the original Coke ad it is based on is seen below:

Super Bowl XLVI Ads: Downy Does Remix Ad of Famous “Mean Joe” Greene 1979 Coca-Cola Ad – Video 2012

Through the day, we’ll post some of the commercials expected to run during Super Bowl XLVI. Here is a good one from General Motors – “Chevy Happy Grad.”

Super Bowl XLVI Ads: GM’s “Chevy Happy Grad” – Video 2012

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