Lindsey Graham on Bizarre Susan Rice Email to Herself Trying to Convince Obama Meeting wanted Russia Investigation “By the Book” – Video 2/12/18

Obama Political Hack and Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice Unmasked as the Unmasker of Trump Campaign/Transition Officials – Audio / Video Reports 4/3/17

Susan Rice Ties Hillary Clinton to the Disastrous Iraq Pullout – Video 6/18/15

Susan Rice gets Schooled by AIPAC Crowd; Says Obama has Given Up on Goal of Keeping Iran from having Nuclear Enrichment Capacity – Video 3/2/15

Susan Rice Laughs Uncontrollably with Charlie Rose after he Mentions Ukraine’s “Humiliating” Retreat before Russian Aggression – Video 2/24/15

Susan Rice: Netanyahu’s Speech to Congress will be “Destructive to the Very Fabric” of the Israeli-U.S. Relationship – Video 2/24/15

Delusional Susan Rice Speaks for Obama: ISIS, Iran Pose “No Existential Threat” to the United States – Video 2/6/15

Susan Rice Says Obama is NOT Reassessing His Failing ISIS Strategy – Video 10/12/14

CNN’s Jim Acosta Confronts Susan Rice on Her Claim Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl “Served with Honor and Distinction” – Video 6/6/14

Susan Rice on Whether Obama Admin is Still Holding back Information on Benghazi: “Dang if I Know!” – Video 5/15/14

Former Obama Operative who Edited Benghazi Talking Points Tells Bret Baier, “Dude, This is Like Two Years Ago!” – Video 5/1/14

Owned! Trey Gowdy Hammers David Gregory’s Questioning of Susan Rice: “I Get Tougher Questions in the Bojangles’ Drive-thru. . . .” – Video 2/24/14

Sen. John McCain Laughs Out Loud at Latest Susan Rice “Benghazi” Claim: “I’m almost Speechless. . . .” – Video 2/23/14

Democratic Pollster Pat Caddell Blasts Susan Rice’s “Big Lie” on Benghazi – Video 2/23/14

Susan Rice on “Meet the Press”: Oh, We had No Idea Benghazi was a Terrorist Attack when I blamed it on a Video! – Video 2/23/14

Carville Agrees Susan Rice Appointment a “Poke in the Eye” to GOP; Malkin – “A Middle-Finger to All the Victims of Benghazi” – Video 6/5/13

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