Reuters: ISIS Capital of Raqqa, Syria Falls to U.S. Backed Coalition Forces – Video Report 10/16/17

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Speaks Bluntly at Press Conference following Meeting with Putin in Moscow – Video 4/12/17

Defense Secretary James Mattis: Absolutely No Doubt Assad Launched Chemical Weapons Attack against Civilians – Video 4/11/17

Sean Spicer Repeatedly Apologizes for using Hitler Analogy in Talking about Syria’s use of Chemical Weapons – Video 4/12/17

Sean Spicer: Russia not on the Right Side of Chemical Weapons Atrocity – Video 4/10/17

Pentagon Releases Video Showing Cruise Missiles being Launched against Syria – Video 4/6/17

President Trump Orders Military Strike against Syria; More than 50 Cruise Missiles Hit Air Base – Videos 4/6/17

President Trump Holds Joint Press Conference with Jordan’s King Abdullah; Trump Denounces Assad Chemical Attack – Video 4/5/17

BREAKING: France Launches Airstrikes against the Islamic State; Hit Targets around ISIS Stronghold of Raqqa, Syria – Video Report 11/15/15

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters Describes Barack Obama’s “Catastrophic” Failure in Syria and the Middle East; U.S. Left with No Good Options – Video 10/30/15

Dem Sen. Tim Kaine Admits Obama “Doesn’t have a Policy for what’s Going on in Syria” – Video 10/6/15

The President of Estonia Tells Russian Reporter: “You are Bombing the Wrong People” – Video 10/5/15

Gen. Jack Keane: Russia only Launching Token “Window-Dressing” Strikes in ISIS Areas – Video 10/4/15

Report: Russia Begins Airstrikes in Syria; Demands U.S. Cease Air Operations; Hitting Non-ISIS Targets – Video Report 9/30/15


GRAPHIC: ISIS Butchers Execute Man in Syria using a Bazooka – Graphic Video 5/20/15

More Raids could Soon Follow after Treasure Trove of Info Scooped up by U.S. Special Forces in Syria Raid that Killed ISIS Leader Abu Sayyaf – Video 5/16/15

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