The President of Estonia Tells Russian Reporter: “You are Bombing the Wrong People” – Video 10/5/15

Gen. Jack Keane: Russia only Launching Token “Window-Dressing” Strikes in ISIS Areas – Video 10/4/15

Report: Russia Begins Airstrikes in Syria; Demands U.S. Cease Air Operations; Hitting Non-ISIS Targets – Video Report 9/30/15


GRAPHIC: ISIS Butchers Execute Man in Syria using a Bazooka – Graphic Video 5/20/15

More Raids could Soon Follow after Treasure Trove of Info Scooped up by U.S. Special Forces in Syria Raid that Killed ISIS Leader Abu Sayyaf – Video 5/16/15

U.S. Special Forces Conduct “Stunning” Raid into Syria Killing Key ISIS Leader Abu Sayyaf; Wife Captured – Video Report 5/16/15

Sen. John McCain Outlines Serious Strategy to Destroy ISIS: “We are going to have to put Boots on the Ground, My Friend” – Video 2/19/15

Raw Video: U.S. F/A-18 Hornets, EA-6B Prowlers Fly Sorties against ISIS in Syria from the USS George H.W. Bush – Video 9/23/14

CNN’s Anderson Cooper: Jay Carney’s Claim that Syrian Rebels Better Positioned Now to take on ISIS “Doesn’t Seem to be the Case” – Video 9/11/14

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Obama Must Admit to Himself His Strategy in Iraq has Failed – Video 8/24/14


“Vice News” 5-Part Series from Inside ISIS: “The Islamic State” – Videos

Democrat Sen. Diane Feinstein: ISIS Will be a Threat to the United States; We are on the Verge of a Major Sunni-Shia War – Video 6/22/14

WARNING – GRAPHIC VIDEO of ISIS Islamic Jihadists Executing Two Alawites in Syria, then Crucifying Bodies – Video 6/8/14

Report: ISIS Moving Seized Iraqi Army Vehicles and Weapons Across the Border into Syria – Video Report 6/15/14

State Dept. Admits they Don’t Know if Syria has Declared the “Total Universe” of Most Dangerous Chemical Weapons Materials – Video 4/22/14

Wendell Goler Asks Jay Carney about the Failure of Obama’s “Red Line” in Syria; Chemical Weapons May have been Used Again – Video 4/21/14

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