Trump Turns up the Heat on MO Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill to Support Tax Cuts – Video 8/30/17

Donald Trump Says it’s “50/50” He Will Run for Governor of New York; Would Cut Taxes and Fees by “50%” – Video 2/4/14

Um, yeah. As opposed to those “job-creating” tax increases, I guess. After all – Obama is doing so well at creating jobs!

H/T Gateway Pundit

President Obama at Press Conference: We Don’t Need “Job-Killing Tax Cuts” – Video 7/15/11

Our Freedom’s Lighthouse Weekly Poll for July 3-10 just concluded, and it shows that 62% of those voting would support the idea of a one-year Federal Income Tax Holiday for all Americans.

We asked: GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann has reportedly endorsed the idea of a one-year Federal Income Tax Holiday for all Americans. This would mean no individual would pay Federal Income taxes for an entire year. Would you be in favor of that?

The results: 62% voted, “Yes, it would be a huge stimulus to the economy,” while 38% voted, “No, it sounds good, but that’s no way to deal with the nation’s debt crisis.”

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FL Weekly Poll Result: 62% Support Idea of a One-Year Federal Income Tax Holiday to Spur the U.S. Economy – 7/10/11

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann has reportedly endorsed the idea of a one-year Federal Income Tax Holiday for all Americans. She apparently made the comments during a Q & A session in New Hampshire recently:

FORBES: Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann one-upped the competition when instead of sticking with the routine “no new taxes” mantra being recited, she suggested “no taxes.”

Well, not forever.

Bachmann indicated that she would support a one year moratorium on federal income taxes.

Wow, right?

Bachmann made the comments in response to a question posed by Don Gorman, a former state representative for New Hampshire and considered “the most-elected libertarian in the country.” Gorman asked Bachmann what she thought about his suggestion to:

Put a moratorium on the entire income tax for one year for every citizen in this country and watch this country take off.

Bachmann called the notion “awesome” and went on to say that if taxpayers could keep their own money, it would been great for the economy:

If we would have allowed every American to take that much more money home in their pockets, what would they have done? They would have paid their bills. They would have spent it. They would have grown their businesses. They would have grown the economy. . . . . Read More

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann Endorses Idea for a One-Year Federal Income Tax Holiday for All Americans

Nancy Pelosi is utterly shameless.

Here she is talking to CNN’s Candy Crowley where she again and again attacked Republicans as wanting to “abolish Medicare,” and for supporting tax cuts even though tax cuts during the Bush Administration did not create jobs. Of course the Bush Tax Cuts created jobs! In fact, as Fox Nation reports, “following Bush’s 2003 tax relief, the U.S. had 52 months of uninterrupted job growth, the longest run on record.”

Pelosi appeared to have difficulty putting her thoughts into words on several occasions. But for the woman who said ObamaCare needed to be passed “so we can find out what’s in it,” that’s really not that unusual.

In keeping with the Democrats’ “civility” in tone and speech, she also accused Republicans of being “unpatriotic” because they don’t want to raise taxes on corporations and businesses, which would surely result in even more lost jobs. The Democrats don’t have much of a case for re-election to Congress or the White House – so they will just say anything.

Struggling Nancy Pelosi Extols the Virtue of Higher Taxes on Business; Accuses Republicans of being Unpatriotic – Video 6/26/11

Here is video of Herman Cain talking with Bill O’Reilly last night.

Cain was asked what Obama has specifically done wrong on the economy, and he immediately cited that he has not lowered tax rates and he has increased regulation on businesses.

O’Reilly asked Cain what he would do, and he said he would lower tax rates on businesses and individuals and move the Capital Gains Tax Rate to “0%.” O’Reilly argued that would reduce revenue to the Federal Government, but Cain never agreed with that assumption. Instead, Cain argued that the business activity and private investment that would be spurred by lower taxes and no Capital Gains Tax would bring in actually more revenue to the Government – not less. He said Bill was using “static analysis” while he was using “dynamic analysis.” He cited Kennedy’s tax cuts in the 1960’s and Reagan’s cuts in the 1980’s as an example of what he was talking about.

Interestingly, when asked how he would stop Iran from getting a Nuclear Weapon, Cain said that an energy strategy is the key. He argued that if we can produce more energy at home and get the price of oil down to $70 a barrel, Iran would not have enough money to continue their Nuclear Program. O’Reilly was unconvinced that would stop Iran from producing Nuclear Weapons.

Herman Cain Spars with Bill O’Reilly on the Dynamic Power of Tax Cuts – Video 6/9/11

Dem Rep. Anthony Weiner appears on Fox News with Megyn Kelly to discuss and condemn President Obama’s “compromise” on the extension of the Bush tax cuts. Weiner had a very condescending and disrespectful attitude throughout the discussion.

A conversation that started out focused on Obama’s decision to work with congressional Republicans quickly turned into a combative exchange…The congressman displayed no patience for Kelly’s questioning, “interrupting, sighing, looking away, clapping his hands and clearly crossing the line into condescension.”

Via The Blaze

Megyn Kelly Treated In a Very Condescending Manner By Anthony Weiner When Debating Tax Cuts – Video

Here is video from President Obama’s Press Conference today where he falsely claimed that Republicans had opposed extending tax cuts on the “middle-class.” Obama made the statement as he said he would oppose extending tax cuts for the wealthiest people in 2012, “just as I suspect the Republican Party may fight to end the middle-class tax cuts that I have championed, and that they’ve opposed.”

Republicans never opposed middle-class tax cuts in this battle. Instead, the GOP wanted to extend the Bush Tax Cuts for ALL Americans. Obama is already trying to frame the 2012 Campaign around this issue. He is shameless in saying whatever suits his purposes, whether there’s an ounce of truth in it or not.

President Obama Falsely Claims the GOP Opposed Middle-Class Tax Cuts – Video 12/7/10

John Boehner slams Democrats for wasting time with a comedian instead of extending the current tax rates.
“Chris, they’ve got time to bring a comedian to Washington DC but they don’t have time to eliminate the uncertainty by extending all of the current tax rates. I think that’s irresponsible.”

Via Gateway Pundit

Boehner: Dems Have Time to Bring Comedians to Washington, DC But No Time For Tax Cuts – Video

Greta Van Susteren has blasted President Obama and his administration on her “Gretawire” for continuing to attack House Minority Leader John Boehner even though Boehner said he would supported a limited extension of the Bush Tax Cuts despite the fact he would really prefer an across the board extension of the tax cuts. Boehner’s statement, rather than met with appreciation from the Obama White House, only brought more attacks.

That prompted Van Susteren to make this observation:

“When will President Obama learn that leadership is different from campaigning?”

Greta Van Susteren: “When Will Obama Learn that Leadership is Different from Campaigning?”

H/T Nelsa

Here is a great video showing former Democrat President John F. Kennedy making the case for cutting taxes on individuals AND corporations in order to stimulate job growth. Kennedy said doing so would create jobs, which in turn, would bring more revenue into the Government and bring down deficits.

This is precisely what Barack Obama opposes the Republicans on. He is doing everything wrong to stimulate business activity, create jobs, and bring down the deficit. He wants to raise taxes on the very people who create the jobs and own the businesses!

Obama fancies himself such a student of history. He would do well to listen to John F. Kennedy on Economics.

Via Brandon Stewart at Heritage.Org

Watch JFK School Obama on Tax Hikes – Video

Here is video showing the results of recent Rasmussen polling which give hope that the American people are taking notice of how disastrous President Obama’s policies are. It shows that only 29% of those surveyed believe Obama’s massive “Stimulus” Plan has helped the U.S. Economy. It also reveals that 69% of Americans say “cutting taxes” is the more effective way to stimulate the Economy.

Maybe the truth is getting through.

Only 29% of Americans Say Obama Stimulus Helped; 69% Say Cutting Taxes More Effective – Video

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