The Drudge Headline this morning, linking to this Breitbart story, pretty well says it all about the “Deal” passed by the U.S. Senate (89-8) last night to supposedly avoid the “Fiscal Cliff.” But the real “Cliff” of mounting debt and out-of-control spending by the Federal Government is still out there. It’s interesting to note that Sen. Marco Rubio and Sen. Rand Paul voted “No” on the deal. Both are possible GOP Presidential Candidates for 2016.

The House of Representatives has not yet voted on the “Deal,” and conservative House Republicans are not happy about the increase in taxes and almost complete lack of spending cuts in the deal worked out by Vice-President Joe Biden and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

UPDATE 11:30 AM ET: Over at Hot Air, Ed Morrissey thinks the House Republicans will “grudgingly” go along with this deal. But Ed sees a possible “silver lining” in the deal for Republicans:

“The deal did not include any resolution on either the sequester or the debt limit. If there is a silver lining for Republicans, it’s that they have successfully delinked tax rates and spending issues in this fight. The next round of bargaining will deal only with government spending, and House Republicans will have the debt ceiling as a powerful card to play.

With the Senate voting 89-8 in favor of the bill, I’d guess that House Republicans will grudgingly go along with the deal, with a big assist from House Democrats this time around. They have until tomorrow to get the deal done in this session of Congress, though, so expect to hear plenty of debate first. . . .”

U.S. Senate Approves “Fiscal Cliff” Deal that Raises Taxes and has Virtually No Spending Cuts; Faces House Today; Marco Rubio, Rand Paul Vote “No” – 1//1/13

Here is video of Utah GOP Sen. Orrin Hatch delivering the Republican Weekly Address, which he used to focus on massive tax increases coming in January 2013 if Congress and the President do not act. Extension of the Bush Tax Rates for all Americans is a must if there is to be any chance for Economic Recovery. Barack Obama and the Democrats want to allow tax rates to rise on small business owners. Hatch points out that Obama’s plan would allow 1 million small business owners to be hit with as much as a 17% tax increase.

Sen. Orrin Hatch Delivers GOP Weekly Address on the Coming “Taxmageddon” if Obama and the Democrats Get their Way – Video 7/28/12

Above is video of President Obama’s Weekly Radio Address where he pushes for higher taxes by using his typical class-warfare pitch. Obama slams the idea that not taking more money away from those who create jobs will boost the U.S. Economy. As a good Leftist, he believes taxing people more actually will result in a stronger U.S. Economy.

Ronald Reagan has just the right response to Obama’s class-warfare broken record. Notice how eerily similar Jimmy Carter’s attack on Reagan was in 1980 to what Barack Obama and the Democrats are doing today:

Obama uses His Typical Class-Warfare Rhetoric to Push for Higher Taxes in Weekly Radio Address – Video 4/14/12

This is precisely why Barack Obama and his Democrat cohorts must be defeated in 2012. Here is Sen. John Kerry (AKA “Lurch”) this morning where he said tax increases are coming in 2013. When asked to give details on supposed “cuts” the Democrats put forward to get a debt deal, he immediately began backpeddling and made clear they were not actual “cuts” to spending programs, but only “slowing the rate of increase.”

If these Democrats remain in power, we are on our way to becoming Greece. They are incapable of fundamentally changing their spending addiction.

Democrat Sen. John Kerry Says Tax Increases Coming in 2013; Reveals Democrats Offered No Real “Cuts” in Spending During Debt-Deal Talks – Video 11/21/11

The perfect slogan for Obama’s 2012 Presidential Campaign!

Here is video of a man at President Obama’s Town Hall Meeting today asking him, “Would you please raise my taxes?” Obama said he “appreciates the man’s sentiment.”

What a setup. This guy should be the national spokesman for Obama’s Re-Election Drive.

Weasel Zippers has the lowdown on the man who wants his taxes raised.

At Town Hall Meeting, Man Asks President Obama, “Would You Please Raise My Taxes?” – Video 9/26/11

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney is giving his daily briefing right now, and he has spent most of it talking about the need for tax increases in the days ahead. Carney has used multiple euphemisms for “tax increases” – like “balanced approach,” “revenue increases,” “shared sacrifice,” etc. Carney claims the Debt Limit Agreement allows for tax increases through the “supercommittee” charged in the deal with coming up with additional cuts by Thanksgiving. He specifically said that committee can find ways to increase “revenue,” and bring a “balanced approach.”

That runs directly counter to House Speaker John Boehner and others who have said there are no tax increases in the deal that the Senate and then the House are likely to take up today.

It appears that Obama is trying to calm and appease the Left that is furious with him for making this deal with no tax increases, and he is likely trying to box Boehner in by saying publicly today that tax increases are on the table in the deal. It now puts Boehner is the position of rounding up votes for a deal the White House says does include tax increases down the road through this “supercommittee,” or walking away from the deal and looking like the GOP blew it up. At the very least, Boehner needs to demand that Obama retract the statements of his Press Secretary and affirm that there are no tax increases now – or later in this deal.Obama Press Secretary Says Tax Increases on the Table in New Debt Limit Deal via “Supercommittee”; Contradicts Boehner Claim No Tax Increases in the Deal – 8/1/11 VIDEO ADDED

Here is a new Republican National Committee (RNC) Ad that urges Americans to “Change Direction” before it’s too late. The ad shows Obama saying that higher taxes are coming in “2013” – that is, if he is re-elected in 2012.

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air reports that an RNC source tells him that this ad will run in “the interior West states of New Mexico, Colorado, and Nevada, starting today.” Obama won those states in 2008, and they are key battlegrounds for electoral votes in 2012.

New RNC Ad Shows Obama Saying Higher Taxes are Coming in “2013” if He is Re-Elected – Video 7/20/11

Um, yeah. As opposed to those “job-creating” tax increases, I guess. After all – Obama is doing so well at creating jobs!

H/T Gateway Pundit

President Obama at Press Conference: We Don’t Need “Job-Killing Tax Cuts” – Video 7/15/11


Here is video of President Obama arguing today at his Press Conference that “the American People are sold” on raising taxes as part of a Debt Limit deal. Of course, Obama will not use the word “taxes.” It’s always, “a balanced approach,” or “revenues.” What he wants to do is raise taxes on the very people who start and expand businesses, creating jobs. He has failed miserably on jobs, and it’s not hard to see why.

Yet, Obama claims that “80%” of Americans want higher taxes! That is ludicrous on its face. You know that well more than 20% of the public is conservative – and conservatives don’t want higher taxes.

Even if you use Obama’s deceptive language of “a balanced approach,” or “more revenues,” I doubt seriously you could get 80% to agree. But Obama claims “poll after poll” shows that level of support for what he wants to do.

A Rasmussen Poll this week shows only 34% of Americans support a tax hike as part of a debt deal:

As the Beltway politicians try to figure out how they will raise the debt ceiling and for how long, most voters oppose including tax hikes in the deal.

Just 34% think a tax hike should be included in any legislation to raise the debt ceiling. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 55% disagree and say it should not.

There is a huge partisan divide on the question. Fifty-eight percent (58%) of Democrats want a tax hike in the deal while 82% of Republicans do not. Among those not affiliated with either major political party, 35% favor a tax hike and 51% are opposed.

As you can see, in the Rasmussen Poll, only 58% of Democrats support higher taxes. Obama’s claim that “poll after poll” show Americans want higher taxes as part of a deal is simply delusional. That’s becoming par for the course from this President.

President Obama Claims “80% of Americans” Support Tax Increases in a Debt Limit Deal; New Poll Shows Only 34% Support Tax Hikes – Video 7/15/11

Nothing like a sane voice to put things in perspective!

That’s what we have here with National Journal’s Major Garrett – former Fox News White House Correspondent – as he explains in very simple terms to MSNBC’s Chris Matthews why it is utterly irrational for President Obama and Democrats to think that House Republicans are going to join them in wanting to raise taxes:

“What they’re telling the President is, “Look at the political realities: you didn’t raise taxes in a lame duck session when you had 59 Democrats in the Senate and almost 260 in the House. Don’t expect Republicans to raise taxes we own the House of Representatives and have six more it Senate seats.”

H/T NewsBusters

Major Garrett Explains to MSNBC’s Chris Matthews why it is Irrational to think Republicans will Support Obama’s Desire for Tax Increases – Video 7/11/11

Here is video of Speaker of the House John Boehner responding to President Obama’s continued calls for a deal on raising the nation’s Debt Limit that includes tax increases. Boehner made it clear that Republicans will agree to no deal that includes raising taxes on Americans.

House Speaker John Boehner Responds to Obama: There Will be No Debt-Limit Deal that Includes Tax Increases – Video 7/11/11

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Here is video of Pat Buchanan on Morning Joe today where he said it would be “suicidal” for Republicans to give ground to Obama and the Democrats and agree to tax increases as part of a deal to raise the Debt Ceiling. Buchanan took on the entire panel who kept pleading with him that Republicans had to give ground and agree to some kind of “revenue enhancements” – code for raising taxes – in exchange for spending cuts. But Buchanan said it is not going to happen. He said he believes, in the end, “Obama will fold. . . . He will fold,” because he is “staring down the gun barrel of default.”

Buchanan said Republicans won’t agree to tax increases not only because of politics, but because of “principle”:

“Philosophically, they don’t believe you raise taxes when you got 9% unemployment. It’s not only politics, it is principle and philosophy. They think it’s the wrong way to go.”

Pat Buchanan: “Suicidal” for Republicans to Agree to Tax Increases in Debt-Ceiling Negotiations; Says “Obama Will Fold. . . He Will Fold” – Video 7/6/11

This kind of talk is what makes New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie so likable.

Here he is responding to the Obama/Democrat talking points of needing to raise taxes on the “corporate jet” set, both at the national and state level. Christie bluntly said:

This is the “type of Democratic misinformation which really is only there to mask the real agenda – which is just to increase taxes in an irresponsible way. . . . You let them in your pocket for a second and they’re going to keep grabbing for more and more. That’s the way it works.”

Gov. Chris Christie Smacks Down Democrat “Corporate Jet” Talking Points: This is “Democratic Misinformation. . . to Mask the Real Agenda – Tax Increases” – Video 7/1/11

Here is audio of a new Rush Limbaugh parody song done by Paul Shanklin. The parody has President Obama singing, “Leaving on a Jet Plane,” thanks to his mention of raising taxes on people with “corporate jets” six times in his recent Press Conference. Obama was playing Marxist class warfare, knowing that there are so few people using “corporate jets” it would be like spitting in the ocean to go after them to solve the debt crisis. It would also put more people out of work.

New Rush Limbaugh Parody Song has Obama Singing, “Leaving on a Jet Plane” – Audio 7/1/11

Via NewsBusters

Here is video CNN’s John King seriously showing his bias in the way he asked a question of GOP Sen. Rob Portman – who was a policy adviser for President George H.W. Bush. King led into his question by asking Portman if the Budget Crisis today is worse than what the country faced in 1990 when then President George H.W. Bush decided to break his “no new taxes” pledge. Portman said “yes,” and explained why. King then took the fact that Bush had agreed to raise taxes “for the good of the country” and then lost the 1992 Election as the basis for the following question:

He lost an election. Let me interrupt. Because he lost an election, the President of the United States who happened to be a Republican at the time broke his “Read my lips – no new taxes” pledge. And you’re right. There was a consequence to him. He lost the election. You could make an argument that Bill Clinton never would have balanced the budget were it not for the tax increase given to him by a Republican President George H.W. Bush.

Should Republicans now have the open mind and the courage to maybe lose their jobs like President Bush did for the good of the country and at least say entering the conversation “We won’t flatly, ideologically, reflexively rule out any tax increases?”

As Noel Sheppard over at NewsBusters points out, “The idiocy on display here boggles the mind.”

NOTE: It’s quite interesting that King now speaks of Bush’s breaking of his “no new taxes” pledge as if it was a sainted act for the good of the country. At the time, the media uniformly skewered Bush for breaking his pledge, and used it against him to help Bill Clinton win election to the Presidency in 1992. It’s clear that the template for the liberal media is: “Whatever helps the Democrats, and hurts the GOP.”

CNN’s John King: Shouldn’t Republicans Consider Tax Increases for the “Good of the Country?” – Video 4/14/11

Michael Moore’s “quite simple” solution to budget problems is to take back “our” money from wealthy Americans. Moore called rich people’s money a “national resource,” and called for higher taxes on them.

He said about rich Americans, “They’re sitting on the money. They’re using it for their own. They’re putting it someplace else. They have no interest in helping you with your life…That’s not theirs, that’s a national resource, that’s ours…I think that we need to go back to taxing these people at proper rates.”

H/t: The Blaze

Michael Moore: Wealthy People’s Money Is Not Their Own, It’s A “National Resource” – Video 3/2/11

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