Sen. Ted Cruz Delivers Rousing Speech on 5th Anniversary of the “Tea Party Movement: “God Bless the Tea Party!” – Complete Video 2/27/14

Sen. Ted Cruz Calls for Full Investigation into “Whose Favor was Being Curried” in IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups – Video 5/17/13

Mark Levin Interviews Donald Trump; Trump Hammers Karl Rove, Praises the Tea Party Movement – Complete Audio 2/13/13

Donald Trump_2

Donald Trump: “I Believe Strongly in the Tea Party” and “They Love Me”

GOP U.S. Senator from Kentucky - Rand Paul

Sen. Rand Paul to Deliver “Tea Party” Response to Obama’s “State of the Union” Address Tuesday

Here is video of Michelle Malkin taking on Juan Williams on “Hannity,” as they discussed the radical “Occupy” Movement and the most recent protests around the country.

Juan Williams tried to defend the “Occupy” Movement by saying there are “racists” in the Tea Party Movement, just as there are extremists in the Occupy Movement. Michelle Malkin came unglued, calling Williams out and demanding evidence to back up that assertion. Eventually, Williams had to admit “I don’t have any evidence” of the claim by Democrats that some of their ranks were called the “N” word by Tea Party Activists during the ObamaCare struggle on Capitol Hill. The late Andrew Breitbart even offered $100,000 to anyone who could produce video evidence of that, and no one ever came forward.

Malkin made the case that the “Occupy” Movement is very different because it is advocating a violent “transformation” of the society. She closed the segment with this:

“There is no – absolutely no parallel between the peace-loving, taxpaying, hardworking people of the Tea Party Movement and the anarchist, pooh-flinging Marxist monkeys of the Occupy Movement. None whatsoever.”

Michelle Malkin Smacks Down Juan Williams for Comparing the “Occupy” Radicals to the Tea Party Movement – Video 5/2/12

Here is video of Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus on CNN last night where he said of Democrat National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz: “As usual, I think she speaks a little too much and went on a little too far.”

Priebus was referring to comments by Schultz that mentioned the tragic shooting last year of Democrat Rep. Gabriel Giffords, and then moved immediately to mentioning the Tea Party as being responsible for a more uncivil tone in the nation’s discourse. Schultz did not directly say the Tea Party was responsible for the shooting of Giffords, but many believe that is what she was insinuating because of the way she made to two statements back-to-back, linked by the phrase, “I hesitate to place blame.” Priebus said it is “pathetic” to try and make such an insinuation for political gain, and called on Schultz to apologize for her remarks.

His “I think she speaks a little too much” line is a profound understatement!

RNC Chair Reince Preibus Calls on DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz to Apologize for Tea Party Attack; Says “As Usual, I Think She Speaks a Little too Much” – Video 1/11/12

Here is audio of Andrew Breitbart taking apart Glenn Beck’s recent attacks on Newt Gingrich as a “Progressive.” Beck also slammed the Tea Party Movement for supporting Gingrich, saying it must be because of “race” that they would support Gingrich over Obama since, in his view, both are “Progressives.”

Via Fox Nation

Andrew Breitbart Hammers Glenn Beck over Attacks on Newt Gingrich, Tea Party Movement – Audio 12/12/11

Here is video of Newt Gingrich giving the liberal media an earful about the stark difference between the “Occupy Wall Street” Movement and the Tea Party Movement. He sums it up well: “They want to tear down our country – we want to rebuild our country. That’s the difference.”

Perfectly said.

Newt Gingrich Schools Liberal Media on “Occupy Wall Street Movement”: “They Want to Tear Down Our Country” – Video 11/17/11

Here is video of GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann saying a Tea Party group that called for her to quit the Presidential race is actually a move by the Rick Perry Campaign to get her out of the race. Bachmann those calling for her to end her campaign are “Perry supporters,” and that Perry really has “egg” on his face over this.

When asked if she had any evidence this was the work of the Perry Campaign, Bachmann said they have “been told” it came from Perry.

Michele Bachmann Accuses Rick Perry Campaign of being Behind Call for Her to End Her Presidential Campaign – Video 10/28/11

This Saturday, September 3, both Gov. Sarah Palin and former U.S. Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell will speak to a Tea Party Event in Iowa. CNN is reporting that O’Donnell yesterday essentially invited herself to the event, and Palin is expected to make a “major statement” during her speech, which will close the event:

CNN POLITICAL TICKER: Former Delaware Republican Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell will join Sarah Palin as a speaker at a tea party rally this weekend in Iowa, one of the event’s organizers told CNN. A representative of O’Donnell, who is traveling the country to promote her book “Troublemaker,” approached the rally’s representatives Monday to ask if there was room for her to speak, Charlie Gruschow, national co-chairman of the Iowa-based Tea Party of America, said. And there was.

No other national leaders will address the rally, Gruschow said. Palin, who is considering a presidential run, is slated as the event’s closing speaker on Saturday afternoon.

Palin’s address is drawing interest from around the nation, according to Gruschow, who said he has not been given any additional information on what the former Alaska governor may discuss at the event.

“She will make a major statement at the event,” Gruschow said last week. “Whether it be an announcement to run, not to run, or lay a marker in the sand for other candidates.” . . . . Read More

UPDATE: The Wall Street Journal is reporting that O’Donnell will NOT speak at the event after all. They say Tea Party Organizers withdrew the invitation to O’Donnell “after receiving numerous emails” from Tea Party folks “disappointed” that O’Donnell would be speaking:

WALL STREET JOURNAL: Former U.S. Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell will not speak at a tea party event featuring former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in Indianola, Iowa, this weekend, an organizer told Washington Wire.

“I made a mistake,” said Ken Crow, president of Tea Party of America. “I assumed there was an open slot and there wasn’t.”

Tea Party of America’s cofounder, Charlie Gruschow, said the group withdrew Ms. O’Donnell’s after receiving numerous “emails from a lot of tea party folks that were very disappointed that she would be speaking.”

“We decided not to have her speak,” Mr. Gruschow said. “We felt it was in the best interest of the movement.” . . . Read More

CNN: Christine O’Donnell Invites Herself to Speak at Iowa Tea Party Event with Sarah Palin; “Major Statement” Coming from Palin UPDATE: WSJ Says O’Donnell Won’t Speak After All

Some leading Tea Party Organizers are saying they cannot recall Gov. Mitt Romney “ever speaking at a Tea Party gathering” going back to 2009, when the grass-roots movement really got off the ground:

DAILY CALLER: Mitt Romney says he’s on the same page as tea party activists, but some national organizations affiliated with the movement say the GOP presidential candidate hasn’t made much of an effort to get to know them.

In fact, these tea party organizers say they can’t recall the former Massachusetts governor ever speaking at a tea party gathering, unlike nearly all of his primary opponents.

“To my knowledge, Mitt Romney has never requested to participate in one of our tea party events or rallies,” said Jacqueline Bodnar, a spokeswoman at FreedomWorks, the Washington, D.C.-based organization led by former House leader Dick Armey. The group helped organize events like the 9/12 March on Washington in 2009 and annual “tax day” rallies.

Bodnar said there has been very little contact between FreedomWorks and Romney. The group’s president, Matt Kibbe, briefly met with Romney during the 2010 election season, she said.

Another national figure in the movement, Mark Meckler, a national coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots, also said Romney “certainly never reached out to our organization, not that I’m aware of.” . . . Read More

Romney is reportedly scheduled to take part in the CNN/Tea Party Express Debate scheduled for September 12 in Tampa, Florida.

Tea Party Organizers Can’t Recall Mitt Romney “Ever Speaking at a Tea Party Gathering”

Oh my.

Here is the agenda of the Left summed up in a single ad, parroted to us by a group of impressionable children. It’s the work of Barack Obama’s former “Green Jobs Czar” Van Jones, who appears to be busy trying to create a counterweight to the Tea Party Movement. The principles espoused here pretty well are the antithesis of what the Tea Party stands for in terms of smaller Government, individual responsibility, and a free market economy. Without even knowing it, these kids are advocating for an America that would not even begin to resemble the nation that has been the leader of the free world, and would consume much of their own financial future.

THE HILL: A coalition of liberal groups seeking to create a counterbalance to the Tea Party movement have released the “Contract from the American Dream,” a response to the Tea Party-crafted “Contract from America.” The coalition includes the liberal groups and Rebuild the Dream, headed by Van Jones, former special adviser for green jobs in the Obama administration.

The group repeatedly criticized the Tea Party’s goals during a Tuesday afternoon conference call, but Jones indicated they held a begrudging respect for the movement’s organizational abilities.

“My frustration isn’t that the Tea Party got so loud, it’s that the vast majority of Americans got so quiet,” Jones said. “The majority of Americans have to reassert ourselves and reassert our values.”

Jones said the new contract’s supporters could exceed the Tea Party’s influence.

“The majority of Americans in this debt-ceiling debacle were simply not heard, and we’re trying to fix that,” he said. “This is an attempt to refocus on jobs, not cuts. Almost three times as many people participated in this contract as the Tea Party’s [Contract from America] at the start.” . . . Read More

New Ad from Van Jones Group has Children Summarizing the Agenda of the Left: “Contract for the American Dream” – Video

Here is video of Greta Van Susteren last night reading a response from former Delaware GOP U.S. Senate Candidate Christine O’Donnell, who reacted to Sen. John McCain reading from a Wall Street Journal Editorial that was critical of her, Sharron Angle, and the Tea Party. McCain read the opinion piece from the Floor of the U.S. Senate yesterday.

O’Donnell was strongly backed by the Tea Party last year, and won the GOP Senate Nomination in Delaware. But she lost by a wide margin in the 2012 General Election to far-Left Democrat Chris Coons.

O’Donnell’s Response:

“I think that it is inappropriate to insult the judgment of the majority of Republicans in Nevada and Delaware and that the implication that nominating RINOs somehow means we win was irrefutably disproven by McCain’s own presidential candidacy debacle. After that nightmare, McCain had to veer right so fast he almost got whiplash from all his flip-flopping just to keep his Senate seat. It doesn’t help him to attack those conservatives and Tea Partiers who graciously gave him another chance to keep his job.”

Via Mediaite

Greta Van Susteren Reads Christine O’Donnell Response to John McCain Criticism – Video 7/27/11



Here is video of Sen. John McCain in a faceoff last night with Sean Hannity over McCain’s remarks yesterday about the Tea Party – referring to them as “Tea Party hobbits” for the refusal of some Tea Party members to support the Boehner Plan. he then took at shot at the Tea Party for being responsible for losing Senate Candidates Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell in 2010.

Hannity went right at McCain, asking him why he was going after the Tea Party. McCain said he was not trying to attack the Tea Party, but only trying to emphasize the need to pass real debt reduction.

McCain said he has actually focused his attack on President Obama, but said there simply are not the votes right now in the Senate to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment. McCain said it is imperative not to let the Government go to a shutdown, and he believes the Boehner Plan is a good one.

McCain maintained that Republicans will be blamed if they let things go to a shutdown, and therefore, the Boehner Plan is the best option, since it does put everything back in Obama’s lap. Hannity strongly disagreed with McCain, saying he does not see why Republicans have to adhere to Obama’s “artificial deadline” of August 2.

NOTE: McCain was reading from a Wall Stree Journal piece which had the “hobbit” language about the Tea Party, and took the shots at Christine O’Donnell and Sharron Angle. But he did clearly make the choice to read those words from the Senate Floor. That would seem to imply he agree with the sentiments expressed.

Sean Hannity Confronts John McCain over His Remarks about the Tea Party, Sharron Angle, and Christine O’Donnell – Video 7/27/11

Here is video of Rush Limbaugh on his radio show yesterday talking about the possibility of GOP Leaders “caving” in to President Obama on the debt-ceiling negotiations. Limbaugh was specifically reacting to Bill Kristol’s comments two days ago saying he feared the GOP was likely going to “cave in a pretty big way.”

Limbaugh said flat out that if Republicans in the House cave in to Obama, “hello Third Party.”

“I just want to tell you with extreme confidence that if any of this happens – if there is a “cave” by House Republicans on this Debt Limit – if Obama gets what he wants, all of what he wants. . . then you can say ‘Goodbye’ to the Republican National Committee. It will implode. People will stop sending it money.You can say ‘Hello’ to an Obama second term, because there will be a Third Party – the Tea Party will organize as a Third Party if there is a “cave” on this.”

I hope GOP Leaders in the House are listening, not just to Rush, but to millions of conservatives who simply will not tolerate them caving in to Obama on this matter. They MUST stand strong. That’s why they were given the majority in the House by voters in 2010.

Rush Limbaugh Issues Warning to House GOP: If They “Cave” on Debt Limit, “The Tea Party will Organize as a Third Party” – Video 7/8/11

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