Ted Cruz Defends the Importance of “Rule of Law” in Interview with Jorge Ramos; Slams Obama for Acting like a “Dictator” – Video 7/1/15

Ted Cruz: I can Mobilize and Energize Millions of Conservatives who Otherwise won’t Vote; “The Only Way We Win in 2016″ – Audio 5/21/15

Sen. Ted Cruz does Extensive Interview with Megyn Kelly; Says He would Not have Invaded Iraq had We “Known then what We Know Now” – Video 5/12/15

Mark Halperin makes a Fool of Himself Asking Ted Cruz Multiple Racial Questions – Video 5/9/15

Sen. Ted Cruz Defends Iran Letter on “Morning Joe”; Would Sign it Again “in Large Print so the Ayatollah wouldn’t Need Reading Glasses to Read It!” – Video 3/17/15

Sen. Ted Cruz Demands Answers on FAA 2-Day Ban on U.S. Air Travel to Israel; Believes Obama, Kerry Trying to Pressure Israel – Video 7/24/14

Sen. Ted Cruz Hammers Failures of Obama-Clinton Foreign Policy in Extensive Interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett – Video 6/17/14

Sen. Ted Cruz: The way We Win is to Get back to Reagan’s “Morning in America” – Video 3/29/14

CNN’s Dana Bash Interviews Sen. Ted Cruz; Tells Him, “You are a Human Being” – Video 2/20/14

Sen. Ted Cruz Talks to Mark Levin about the Left’s Attempts to Silence “Duck Dynasty” Patriarch Phil Robertson – Audio 12/19/13

Sen. Ted Cruz Interview with Al Hunt; Calls for Repeal of ObamaCare; Blasts Obama for Negotiating with Iran while Americans Languish in Iranian Prisons – Video 11/25/13

Sen. Ted Cruz Spars with Liberal CNN Host Chris Cuomo over ObamaCare Disaster – Video 11/20/13

Sen. Ted Cruz on ObamaCare Disaster: “When the Truth is on Your Side, You’re in a Good Situation. The Truth Is, this Thing Isn’t Working” – Video 10/23/13

Sen. Ted Cruz Blasts Senate Republicans who Aided and Abetted Obama During the Government Shutdown; Calls for Sebelius Resignation – Video 10/20/13

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz Interviewed as First Ever Guest on Megyn Kelly’s New Fox News Show, “The Kelly File” – Video 10/7/13

Sen. Ted Cruz in Extensive Interview with CNN’s Candy Crowley: “We are Winning the Argument” – Video 10/6/13

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