Sen. Ted Cruz Makes the Case Against War with Syria; Says Obama Does Not have Authority to Act if Congress Refuses to Approve Attack – Video 9/8/13

Sen. Ted Cruz Blasts Obama Presidency as “Lawless” in Interview with Rush Limbaugh; Urges Americans to Help Stop ObamaCare – Audio 8/28/13

Sen. Ted Cruz Explains with Mark Levin why “Select Committees” are Needed to Get the Truth on Benghazi, IRS Scandals – Audio 8/1/13


Sen. Ted Cruz: “If We can get 41 Republicans in the Senate. . . We Could Shut it (ObamaCare) Down in 63 Days” – Audio 7/29/13

Sen. Ted Cruz: “I Will Not Vote for any Continuing Resolution to Fund even a Single Penny of ObamaCare” – Video 7/24/13

Sen. Ted Cruz: America Stands “at the Edge of a Precipice”; “If we Keep Going Down this Path, We’re Risking Losing our Nation” – Video 7/21/13

Sen. Ted Cruz in Extensive ABC News Interview; Says He is Eligible to Run for President; Blasts Barack Obama’s Principles as “Dangerous” – Video 7/21/13

Sen. Ted Cruz Interview with Mark Levin: “I ain’t Here Working for the New York Times” – Complete Audio 6/4/13

Sen. Ted Cruz to Propose Amendment that would Delay Funding of ObamaCare until Economy Returns to Historically Average Economic Growth – Audio 3/11/13

VERY impressive.

Here is video of newly sworn-in U.S. Senator Ted Cruz on with CNBC’s Larry Kudlow yesterday, where he said the “Fiscal Cliff” Deal was a “lousy deal” that is going to “hurt America.” Cruz said the fact it raises taxes on many business owners, and has no spending cuts actually makes the situation worse instead of better. Cruz said he would have voted against it.

On the Debt-Ceiling battle, Cruz says Republicans need to be willing to shut the Government down if Obama is unwilling to make serious spending cuts in entitlements – the major driver of the nation’s debt.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz: The “Fiscal Cliff” Deal was a “Lousy Deal” that is Going to Hurt America; Says GOP Must be “Willing” to Shut the Government Down over Debt-Ceiling Battle – Video 1/3/13

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