Ted Cruz’s Dad, Rafael Cruz, Draws Parallels between “Hope and Change” Fidel Castro and “Socialist, Marxist” Policies of Barack Obama – Video 5/23/15

Ted Cruz: I can Mobilize and Energize Millions of Conservatives who Otherwise won’t Vote; “The Only Way We Win in 2016″ – Audio 5/21/15

Ted Cruz Hammers Reporter: “Why is it the Only Question you want to Ask Concerns Homosexuals?” – Video 5/19/15

Sen. Ted Cruz does Extensive Interview with Megyn Kelly; Says He would Not have Invaded Iraq had We “Known then what We Know Now” – Video 5/12/15

Mark Halperin makes a Fool of Himself Asking Ted Cruz Multiple Racial Questions – Video 5/9/15

Ted Cruz Speech at SC Freedom Summit: “We are at the Edge of a Precipice”. . . “Close” to “the Point of No Return” – Video 5/9/15

Ted Cruz: U.S. should be Arming the Kurdish Peshmerga Fighters in the War against ISIS – Video 5/5/15

Sen. Ted. Cruz Slams Obama for “Inflaming Racial Tensions”; Says “Vilification of Law Enforcement is Fundamentally Wrong” – Video 4/29/15

U.S. Senate Votes 56-43 to Confirm Loretta Lynch as U.S. Attorney General; Ten Republicans Vote in Favor – 4/23/15

Sen. Ted Cruz Delivers Powerful Speech at New Hampshire GOP Summit: “We’re Going to Restore the Promise of America” – Complete Video 4/18/15

Sen. Ted Cruz Responds to Hillary’s Presidential Announcement: “Does America want a Third Obama Term?” – Video 4/12/15

Sen. Ted Cruz Campaign Video: “Reigniting the Promise of America”

Iowa Radio Caller Confirms Strong “Grassroots Support” for Sen. Ted Cruz in Iowa – Audio 4/8/15

Sen. Ted Cruz Campaigns in South Carolina; Calls for “Flat Tax” and Abolishing the IRS – Videos 4/4/15

Sen. Ted Cruz Buys Airtime in Key Early-Voting States; Will Air Great New Ad During “A.D.: The Bible Continues” on Easter Sunday – Video 4/3/15

Ted Cruz Campaign Ad: “This is Our Fight” – Video 4/1/15

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