Sen. Ted Cruz, Conservative Crowd Face Down Liberal Hecklers at “Defund ObamaCare” Town Hall Meeting in Dallas – Video 8/20/13


MSNBC Gets Confused about Sen. Ted Cruz’s Party Affiliation – Photo 8/20/13


Sen. Ted Cruz Moves Quickly to Announce He Will Renounce His Canadian Citizenship He Just Realized He Had! – 8/19/13

Sen. Ted Cruz: NY Times “Hysterical” about me “A Sign We Might be Doing Something Right” – Audio 8/19/13


Sen. Ted Cruz Releases His Birth Certificate showing He was Born in Canada to an American Mother – Photo 8/18/13

CNN: Is Sen. Ted Cruz Eligible to Run for President? Constitutional Law Experts Say – “He Is” Eligible – Video Report 8/13/13

Sen. Ted Cruz on VP Joe Biden: “You Don’t Even Need a Punchline. You Just Say His Name and People Laugh!” – Video 8/10/13


Byron York: Sen. Ted Cruz is “Zooming toward the Front of the GOP Pack” in Iowa – 8/12/13

Sen. Ted Cruz Speaks on the Power of the Grassroots – “Past, Present, and Future” – Complete Speech Video 8/10/13

Rafael Cruz (Sen. Ted Cruz’s Dad) Says “ObamaCare is Going to Destroy the Elderly”; Says Obama “has Both Hands in Your Pocket” – Complete Speech Video 8/10/13

Donald Trump Says His Net Worth is “Probably Over $10 Billion”; If He Runs for President in 2016, “I’d Spend Whatever it Took” – Video 8/11/13

Sen. Ted Cruz in New Ad Asks Americans to Help Him Defund ObamaCare – Video 8/10/13

Iowa Evangelical Leader who Endorsed 2008, 2012 Iowa GOP Caucus Winners Speaks Glowingly of Sen. Ted Cruz – Video 8/9/13

Sen. Ted Cruz Not Backing Down on Effort to Stop ObamaCare; Calls for a “Tsunami” of Citizens to Rise Up and Demand it of Congress – Video 8/5/13


MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Attacks Sen. Ted Cruz for Rallying Conservative Base to Stop Disastrous ObamaCare Law – Video 8/5/13

Sen. Ted Cruz Urges House Republicans to “Stand and Fight” to Defund ObamaCare – Video 8/2/13

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