Donald Trump Press Conference in Greenville, SC: Planning Rally with Ted Cruz in Washington D.C. to Protest disastrous Obama Iran Deal – Video 8/27/15

Ted Cruz Ad: “Defend Life – Defund Planned Parenthood” – Video 7/24/15

Conservative Brent Bozell Endorses Sen. Ted Cruz for President – Video 7/24/15

Ted Cruz does Great Interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews; Ties Hillary to Socialist Bernie Sanders – Video 7/23/15

Ted Cruz Adheres to Reagan’s 11th Commandment; Praises John McCain but won’t Attack Donald Trump – Video 7/18/15

Ted Cruz Schools Chris Matthews on 2000 Bush v. Gore Florida Recount! – Video 7/8/15

Ted Cruz does Outstanding Job in Extensive Interview on MSNBC with Chris Matthews – Video 7/8/15

Ted Cruz Destroys Leftist Jorge Ramos on Illegal Immigration with a Single Question! – Video 7/1/15

Ted Cruz Defends the Importance of “Rule of Law” in Interview with Jorge Ramos; Slams Obama for Acting like a “Dictator” – Video 7/1/15

Ted Cruz to Propose Constitutional Amendment Requiring Supreme Court Justices to Face “Retention Elections” – Video 6/27/15

Ted Cruz Destroys Liberal Tavis Smiley on Gun Control – Video 6/23/15

Ted Cruz Releases Ad Featuring His Dad on Father’s Day – Video 6/21/15

Ted Cruz: If Elected President, I’ll Send “Condolences to All Reporters, Editors Who’ve Checked Themselves into Therapy. . .” – Video

New Ted Cruz Campaign Ad Shows Him on the Trail in NH and MA: “The Grassroots Wave has Begun” – Video 6/7/15

Pro-Rand Paul PAC Runs Truly Awful Ad Calling Ted Cruz the “Capitulating Canadian” – Video 5/29/15

Ted Cruz’s Dad, Rafael Cruz, Draws Parallels between “Hope and Change” Fidel Castro and “Socialist, Marxist” Policies of Barack Obama – Video 5/23/15

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