Sen. Ted Cruz Jabs Hillary at CPAC 2015 Speech; Urges Reassembling the “Reagan Coalition” – Video 2/26/15

Sen. Ted Cruz Speaks at the “Defeat Jihad Summit” – Complete Video 2/11/15

Sen. Ted Cruz: U.S. should Do whatever it takes to Defeat ISIS; Slams Obama’s “Photo-op Foreign Policy” – Video 2/8/15

Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio Stand Strong against a Nuclear Iran at Koch Presidential Forum – Video 1/25/15

Sen. Ted Cruz Speech at “Iowa Freedom Summit”; Calls for “Reigniting the Miracle of America” – Video 1/24/15

Sen. Ted Cruz Speech to SC Tea Party Coalition: It’s Time for the GOP to Nominate a Genuine Conservative – Complete Video 1/18/15

Sen. Ted Cruz Says He is “Looking very Seriously” at a 2016 Presidential Run; Shrugs Off Santorum Attack – Video 1/13/15

Sen. Ted Cruz on Obama Paris Absence: A “Visual Manifestation” that, under Obama, “American has Receded from Leadership in the World” – Video 1/13/15

Sen. Ted Cruz on Obama’s Castro Bailout: Obama “does Not Understand the Difference between our Friends and our Enemies” – Video 12/17/14

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz does Extensive Q & A with Bill Kristol at Foreign Policy Initiative Forum – Video 12/3/14

Sen. Ted Cruz: “We are Witnessing a Constitutional Crisis. . . . Obama is Defying the Law” – Video 11/19/14


Sen. Ted Cruz on Obama’s Amnesty Executive Order: “It is Lawless. It is Unconstitutional. . . He will be Acting as a Monarch” – 11/19/14

Sen. Ted Cruz Lowers the Boom on CBS News’ Bob Schieffer’s Govt Shutdown Jab: “Harry Reid Just Lost His Job” – Video 11/5/14

Sen. Ted Cruz: If the GOP does not Run a Strong Conservative in 2016, “Hillary Clinton will be the Next President” – Video 10/31/14

Sen. Ted Cruz: Neither Obama Story Line Opposing Ebola Travel Ban “Makes Sense” – Video 10/19/14

Bill O’Reilly: Mitt Romney will be 2016 GOP Presidential Nominee; Ann Coulter Responds, “Oh, I Hope So. . . . It has to be Ted Cruz or Mitt Romney” – Video 10/17/14

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