Ted Cruz Announces Carly Fiorina as His VP Running Mate if He is Nominated – Complete Video 4/27/16

Surreal: Carly Fiorina Decides to Sing after Ted Cruz Announces Her as His VP Choice – Video 4/27/16

Ted Cruz Expected to Name Carly Fiorina as VP Running Mate Today; Trump Calls it, “Ridiculous” – Video 4/27/16


Big Trump Wins Officially Eliminate Ted Cruz from Ability to Win Nomination through Primary Voting Process – 4/26/16

Donald Trump: It’s Time for Ted Cruz and John Kasich to “Drop Out and Unify the Party” – Video 4/26/16

Good Grief: Ted Cruz Dismisses Disastrous Losses to Trump – “Donald is Likely to Win some States. . . ” – Video 4/26/16

Rush Limbaugh: If Cruz Plan Succeeds and He Wins on 2nd Convention Ballot, It’s “the End of the Republican Party” – Audio 4/25/16

Donald Trump Blasts Collusion between “Lyin'” Ted Cruz and “1 for 41 John Kasich”; Shows “How Weak and Pathetic they Are” – Video 4/25/16

Cruz, Kasich Never Mention Collusion Agreement During Fox News Event; Issue Coordinated Statements Minutes Later – Video 4/25/16

Trump goes after “Rafael (Ted) Cruz, Straight out of the Hills of Canada” – Video 4/23/16


Harrington: “I Have Declared that Mathematically, Ted Cruz is the Nominee”; “99% Chance of this Occurring” – 4/22/16

Tucker Carlson Calls New Ted Cruz Attack Ad against Trump for being Rich, “Silly” – Video 4/22/16


Magellan: If Colorado Republicans had been Allowed to Vote, Trump Beats Cruz. . .

Flashback: Cruz Condemned John Kasich for Staying in the Race after being Mathematically Eliminated – Video 3/23/16

A Frustrated Ted Cruz Scolds the Press for Reminding Him He has No Pathway to Win through the Primaries – Video 4/20/16

Donald Trump Jr: Maybe Ted Cruz Should Drop Out after Third Place NY Finish – Video 4/19/16

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