Texas Sen. Ted Cruz Calls Massacre of 26 Christians at FBC Sutherland Springs what it is — “Evil” – Video 11/6/17

Ted Cruz Tells GOP Senate Colleagues: “Shut Up and Do Your Job” of passing the Trump Agenda – Audio 10/25/17

Sen. Ted Cruz gets Bernie Sanders to Admit He Knows No Difference between Democrats and Socialists on Taxes – Video 10/18/17

Sen. Ted Cruz Slams “Betrayal” of GOP Senators who did Not Vote to Repeal ObamaCare – Video 7/28/17

Sen. Ted Cruz Exposes Sally Yates for the Partisan Hack She is in Hearing on Immigration Order – Video 5/8/17

President Trump on Ted Cruz: “I Really Liked (Him), Didn’t Like, and Now Like a Lot Again” – Video 4/28/17

Sen. Ted Cruz: Leftist Attack on Jeff Sessions Talking with Russian Ambassador “a Nothing-Burger” – Video 3/2/17

Sen. Ted Cruz and Mark Levin Appear together at CPAC 2017 – Complete Video 2/23/17

Sen. Ted Cruz on President Trump’s Nomination of Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court: “A Home Run” – Video 1/31/17

Ted Cruz: 2016 Election was “The Revenge of Flyover Country” – Video 11/18/16

Sen. Ted Cruz: “Complete Silliness” to say Trump Transition in Disarray; Pledges to Help Trump; Calls Trump Win “an Incredible Mandate” – Video 11/17/16

Ted Cruz to Hugh Hewitt: Trump had his Best Debate Performance of the Entire Election Cycle – Audio 9/27/16

Fox All-Stars: Cruz Endorsement of Trump more about Cruz than Trump – Video 9/22/16

Ted Cruz Endorses Donald Trump for President; Does what is Best for America – Video 9/23/16


Is Ted Cruz on the Verge of Endorsing Donald Trump? Could be. . . . . – 9/21/16

Former Cruz backer Louie Gohmert: “I was Proud of Donald Trump for Inviting” Ted Cruz “to Speak” at the RNC; Explains why Trump must Win – Video 7/24/16

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