WAPO: Sleazy “Push Polls” being Used against Rubio, Trump in SC; May be Traced to Firm Connected to Cruz Camp; Cruz Campaign Denies – 2/11/16

Uh Oh: Ted Cruz Pulls Attack Ad against Marco Rubio because one Actress was a Porn Star – Video 2/11/16

Former Mitt Romney Operative Says Ted Cruz is now the Favorite to Win the Republican Presidential Nomination – Video 2/11/16

Ted Cruz Turns Donald Trump into an Action Figure in New Attack Ad – Video 2/9/16


Donald Trump Repeats what a Woman in the Audience in NH Calls Ted Cruz for Not Supporting Waterboarding of Terrorists to Protect Americans – Video 2/8/16

Trump Skewers Cruz during Debate after Cruz brags about Tainted Iowa Win: “That’s because He got Ben Carson’s Votes, By the Way” – Video 2/6/16

Greta Van Susteren Blasts Ted Cruz Team for Spreading False Rumor Carson was “Suspending” His Campaign: “Horrible,” “Appalling” – Video 2/4/16

Marco Rubio: Ben Carson Deserved Better than Cruz Campaign’s “Unfair” Drop-Out Rumor during Iowa Caucuses – Video 2/3/16

Donald Trump

Trump Campaign: “We are Fully Aware of the Tactics used by Ted Cruz and His Team” – 2/3/16

Trump Gets under Cruz’s Skin; Cruz Says Trump “Liable to Nuke Denmark” if President – Video 2/3/16


Trump Says He will Likely File a Complaint against, or Sue Ted Cruz over Iowa Results – Audio 2/3/16

Ted Cruz Admits His Campaign Notified Field Operatives at Iowa Caucuses that Ben Carson was Dropping Out; Cruz Semi-Apologizes – Video 2/2/16

Dr. Ben Carson Slams Ted Cruz for “Dirty Tricks” against Him in Iowa Caucuses – Video 2/2/16

Ted Cruz Delivers Long Victory Speech after Winning the Iowa Caucuses – Complete Video 2/1/16


Ted Cruz Wins the Iowa Caucuses; Marco Rubio Surges in Areas Expected to go for Trump; Rubio, Trump Close for 2nd – 2/1/16

Donald Trump Slams “Dishonest” Ted Cruz Claim He will Expand ObamaCare; Trump will Repeal and Replace ObamaCare – Video 1/31/16

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