Donald Trump Wins West Virginia, Nebraska GOP Presidential Primaries by Large Margins – 5/10/16

Ted Cruz Tells Glenn Beck He could Re-start His Campaign if a “Pathway to Victory” Re-emerged – Audio 5/10/16

Over the Edge: Bizarre Glenn Beck Links whether You Vote for Trump to Your Worthiness to Get into Heaven – Video 5/6/16

Donald Trump Speaks as Presumptive GOP Nominee after Winning Indiana Primary; Praises Ted Cruz as “One Hell of a Competitor” – Video 5/3/16

BREAKING: Ted Cruz Drops Out of the 2016 GOP Presidential Race – Video 5/3/16

Ted Cruz Unloads on Donald Trump, Telling us “Exactly what he Thinks of Trump”; It’s the same Thing He’s been Saying for Months – Video 5/3/16

“Morning Joe” Crew Laughs Hysterically at Ted Cruz’s Disastrous Back-and-Forth with Trump Supporters in Indiana – Video 5/3/16

“Morning Joe” Panel Shocked at Video of Carly Fiorina Falling Off the Stage as Ted Cruz Keeps Shaking Hands – Video 5/3/16

Ted Cruz Confronted in Indiana by Trump Supporters: “It’s Time” for You to “Do the Math” and “Drop Out” – Video 5/2/16

Morning Joe Crew on Eve of Indiana Primary: Ted Cruz has had a “Horrible Week”; Blasts Cruz for not Saying He would Support Trump – Video 5/2/16

Ted Cruz Scolds Boy at Indiana Church Rally who Heckles him with, “You Suck” – Video 5/1/16

Ted Cruz No Longer Saying He Will Win Indiana or that He Must Win Indiana – Video 5/1/16

Newt Gingrich: Donald Trump Will be the GOP Nominee if He Wins Indiana Tuesday by a Significant Margin – Video 5/1/16


Former NH Sen. Judd Gregg Calls Ted Cruz “A Person of Little Character”; “Shouldn’t be TrusTED with Responsibilities” of the Presidency – 4/29/16

John Boehner on Ted Cruz: “Lucifer in the Flesh”; “Never Worked with a more Miserable S.O.B. in my Life. . . ” – Audio 4/28/16

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence Says He will Vote Ted Cruz, but “Particularly Commends” and Praises Donald Trump! – Video 4/29/1

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