Ted Cruz Hammers Rubio as “Not from the Right”; Responds to Rubio PAC’s Attack on Cruz as Soft on National Security – Video 11/24/15

Highlights of Sen. Ted Cruz at the Iowa Presidential Family Forum – Video 11/20/15

New Ted Cruz Ad Hammers Obama Weakness on “Radical Islamic Terrorism” – Video 11/20/15

Ted Cruz: “Obama Attacking Every American who wants to Keep this Country Safe” – Video 11/19/15

Ted Cruz Challenges Petulant Obama to Face-to-Face Debate on Syrian Refugee Crisis: “Come back and Insult Me to My Face” – Video 11/18/15

Ted Cruz Hits Back: Rubio Claiming My Position is Like His on Illegal Immigration is “Like the Ayatollah Khameinei Saying. . . . ” Audio 11/13/15

Ted Cruz: “Conservatives are Uniting Behind our Campaign” – Audio 11/13/15

Marco Rubio’s Attempt to Tar Ted Cruz as Pro-Amnesty is Not going to Work – Video

New Ted Cruz Super PAC Ad Blasts Marco Rubio for His Support of the “Gang of Eight” Amnesty Plan – Video 11/6/15


New State Polls in Iowa, NH, Georgia, Florida Show Trump, Carson Strong with Rubio and Cruz Rising – 11/2/15

Ted Cruz Proves Wrong Brit Hume Claim He has Not Won any Legislative Fights – Video 10/29/15

“Meet the Press” Panel: Ted Cruz Well-Positioned to become the Eventual GOP Front-runner – Video 10/11/15

Bret Baier: Ted Cruz May have had a Hand in McCarthy Dropping Out of Speaker’s Race – Video 10/8/15

Boehner Calls Conservative Opponents “False Prophets” – Video 9/27/15

Ted Cruz Wins Values Voter Summit Presidential Straw Poll; Trump Places Fifth

Sen. Ted Cruz Speaks at U.S. Capitol: Supporters of Obama Iran Deal Will have Blood on Their Hands – “People Will Die” – Video 9/9/15

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