Bret Baier: U.S. Officials Believe Chattanooga Attacker Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez was “Inspired by Islamic Terrorism” – Video 7/17/15

Chattanooga Attack Killing Four U.S. Marines Called a “Domestic Act of Terrorism”; Shooter ID’d as Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez – 7/16/15

Officials Warn of Possible Terror Attacks in U.S. around July 4 Holiday in Wake of Attacks in Tunisia, Kuwait and France – Videos 6/27/15

Islamic Jihadists Attack Draw Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest in Garland, Texas; Two Jihadists Killed, One Police Officer Wounded – Video Report 5/3/15

“Jihadist” Attacker in Copenhagen Shot Dead by Authorities; Media Reports Terrorist Attacker only Recently Released from Prison – Video 2/15/15

One Dead at Copenhagen Free Speech Event after “Charlie Hebdo”-Style Terrorist Attack; Gunmen on the Loose – Video Report 2/14/15

Embarrassment: Obama Absent as World Leaders Stand Up to Islamic Terrorists in Paris March – Video 1/11/15

Dramatic Raw Video of French Police Taking Down Islamic Jihadist in Paris Kosher Grocery Store – Raw Video 1/8/15

French Police Kill Three Islamic Terrorists as Two Hostage Sieges End; Four Hostages also Dead – Video Summary Report 1/9/15

“Charlie Hebdo” Jihadist Attackers Surrounded North of Paris; Hostages being Held; 2nd Hostage Situation in Paris – Video 1/9/15 UPDATED: Report – Terrorists Killed

CNN: Canadian Parliament Shooter Michael Zihaf-Bibeau had Ties to Islamic Terrorists – Video 10/23/14

BREAKING: Raw Video Shows Terrorist Attack in Jerusalem using a Backhoe to Overturn a Bus; Terrorist Killed by Police – Videos 8/4/14

GOP Rep. Michael McCaul: “High Degree of Probability Something Will Detonate” in Area Surrounding the Sochi Winter Olympics – Video 2/9/14

Russia on the Hunt for “Black Widow” Islamic Terrorists Who May Already be in Position to Attack Winter Olympics in Sochi – Video 1/21/14

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters: Terror Attacks in Russia by “Chechen and Dagestani” Islamic Radicals bent on Embarrasing Putin; Winter Olympics to be Most “Totalitarian since Hitler’s Olympics” in 1936 – Video 12/30/13

Second Terrorist Attack in Two Days Hits Volgograd (Stalingrad), Russia; Just Weeks Ahead of Winter Olympic Games in Russia – Video 12/30/13

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