Hillary’s Losing VP Running Mate Impartially Says Trump Jr. Meeting is “Potential Treason” – Video 7/11/17

Tim Kaine gets Corrected by CNN’s Alisyn Camerota for Over-the-Top Attack on Republican Plans to Repeal and Replace ObamaCare – Video 1/5/17

“Bill Clinton is a Rapist” Protester Removed from Tim Kaine Rally – Video 10/12/16

Watch Video of Dem VP Candidate Tim Kaine Interrupting Mike Pence 72 Times during VP Debate – Video 10/4/16

Morning Joe Panel: Mike Pence Won VP Debate but it won’t move the Needle – Video 10/5/16

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews on VP Debate: Pence the Winner; Looked like a “Grown-up”; Kaine Looked “Desperate” – Video 10/4/16

New RNC Ad Highlights Tim Kaine’s “Passion for Defending the Wrong People” – Video 10/3/16

Hillary Clinton Dodges Question on whether She Told VP Running Mate Tim Kaine She had Pneumonia – Video 9/15/16

Hillary Hiding: CNN Panel Literally Laughs Out Loud at Tim Kaine’s Excuses for Hillary Clinton having Zero Press Conferences THIS YEAR! – Video 9/4/16

Martha Raddatz puts Tim Kaine on the Spot about Hillary Hiding from the Press – Video 9/4/16

Tim Kaine on “Today” Pressed on Poor Optics of Hillary “Scooping up Cash in the Hamptons” while Trump Meets with Mexico’s President – Video 9/1/16

Hillary’s VP Running Mate won’t Affirm that She Told the American People the Truth about Her Emails – Video 8/7/16

Heartache: Tim Kaine, Bill Clinton Fight to Stay Awake during Hillary’s Acceptance Speech! – Video 7/28/16

Hillary Clinton Picks Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine as Her Vice-Presidential Running Mate – Video Report 7/22/16

Possible Hillary VP Pick Tim Kaine: “Nobody Should say they are Ready to be Commander-in-Chief” – Video 6/26/16

Dem Sen. Tim Kaine Admits Obama “Doesn’t have a Policy for what’s Going on in Syria” – Video 10/6/15

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