Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK)

Sen. Tom Coburn: Obama taking a “Very Dangerous Step”; “Country is Going to Go Nuts”; Could see “Anarchy” and “Violence” – Video 11/19/14

Sen. Tom Coburn: Barack Obama’s “Irreversible Errors” have Left Us with Few Good Options in Iraq – Video 6/18/14

Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK)

Sen. Tom Coburn Sums Up 2013 in Outstanding Op-Ed: “The Rule of Law gave way to the Rule of Rulers” – 12/30/13

Sen. Tom Coburn: The Problem in Washington is NOT that Democrats and Republicans Don’t Agree Enough! – Video 12/22/13

GOP Sen. Tom Coburn Destroys David Axelrod’s Attempts to Defend the ObamaCare Disaster – Video 10/28/13

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Sen. Tom Coburn at Town Hall: Obama coming “Perilously Close” to Threshold for Impeachment Proceedings – Video 8/21/13

Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK)

GOP Sen. Tom Coburn: Benghazi Testimony Revealed “Real Trouble Ahead” for State Dept.; Tells MSNBC there’s a “Glaring Omission” in what was Submitted – Video 5/9/13

Here is video of Oklahoma GOP Sen. Tom Coburn on CBS News’ “Face the Nation” yesterday, where he bluntly said “I cannot vote for Chuck Hagel” to be U.S. Secretary of Defense. Hagel is widely believed to be the person President Obama will nominate to take the helm at the Pentagon when Leon Panetta soon leaves the post.

Sen. Tom Coburn: “I Cannot Vote for Chuck Hagel” to be Secretary of Defense – Video 12/30/12

It just leaves you speechless to listen to this.

GOP Sen. Tom Coburn very bluntly said yesterday on “This Week” that Barack Obama’s desire to raise tax rates will only bring in enough revenue to deal with “7%” of the nation’s debt problem. To deal with the other 93% will require a willingness to reform Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

Listen to the Democrats on the panel talking like they live in fantasy land – a land where entitlements have nothing to do with the problem and tax increases will solve every problem.

Sen. Tom Coburn: Obama and the Democrats are Ignoring “93%” of America’s Fiscal Problem – Video 12/9/12

The momentum for Mitt Romney appears to be growing. Now, Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn has issued an endorsement of Romney just ahead of “Super Tuesday’s” Primary there on March 6.

TOM COBURN: America faces the greatest challenges of any in my lifetime. Our debt is now the size of our entire economy. If we don’t change course in the near future, we will face an economic catastrophe far worse than our recent recession.

At the same time, we’re facing a crisis of leadership in Washington. The problems and solutions are widely understood — and far from impossible to implement — yet our so-called leaders have shown little interest in solving problems. President Obama campaigned as a transformational leader, yet he has rejected transformational solutions such as the Simpson-Bowles plan that gave Washington a framework for averting a debt crisis.

Elections are about choices. This November, the most important choice facing the American people will be whether we will demand a solution and avert a debt crisis or whether we will continue to accept the status quo and hope for the best. I’m confident the vast majority of Americans on both sides of the aisle want a solution. The next choice, then, is deciding who is best qualified to enact a solution.

In life, and especially politics, our choices are seldom perfect and often difficult. But it is critically important to make a choice and support the person who is best equipped to solve the urgent problems before us. In my view, that person is Mitt Romney.

From my experience, Washington tends to be divided between two groups — leaders and career politicians. Leaders tend to have a wealth of real-world experience outside of politics and are in office to give rather than take something from their position. Career politicians, on the other hand, mean well but are ill-equipped to solve problems. Their greatest skill is getting re-elected.

I’m proud to support Romney because he is a leader. What Romney has done in his 25 years in the private sector is precisely what we need a president to do in Washington. Romney has done hard things. He has turned businesses around, told people hard truths about what needed to be done, inspired confidence and overcome excuses. Romney is not a career politician or a career legislator. As a former governor and business leader, he is an executive who knows how to use executive power. . . . Read More

Via Hot Air

Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn Endorses Mitt Romney for President Just Ahead of “Super Tuesday” Primary – 3/4/12

Here is video of GOP Sen. Tom Coburn saying that the United States must learn to “live within our means.” He warned that if we do not, “we have a bleak future.”

Sen. Tom Coburn: U.S. Must Live “Within Our Means”; If Not, “We Have a Bleak Future” – Video 12/26/10

Republican Senators Tom Coburn and John McCain have released a report detailing “100 stimulus projects that they say have “questionable goals,” are “being mismanaged or were poorly planned” and are even “costing jobs and hurting small businesses.””

Via ABC News

The 100 Worst Stimulus Projects

McCain, Coburn Release Report Detailing 100 Wasteful Stimulus Projects – Video Report

Here is an amazing video of GOP Sen. Tom Coburn asking Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan a hypothetical question with a very powerful point. Coburn asked Kagan if a law passed by Congress that required Americans to “eat three vegetables and three fruits a day” would be Constitutional. Coburn was fishing to see just how broadly Kagan interprets the “commerce clause” of the U.S. Constitution – used constantly by liberals as an excuse for massive Government regulation.

While Kagan responded it sounded like a “dumb law,” she would not say it would be unconstitutional for the Government to insert itself into the lives of Americans to that degree. She hemmed and hawed, but she did not say that would be beyond the role of Government.

Coburn made his point perfectly. What a disaster for the country that Americans took leave of their senses in 2008 to elect a President who would put people that think this way on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Kagan Won’t Say Law Directing What Americans Must Eat Would be Unconstitutional – Video

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