Raw Video Shows Tornado / Storm System over St. Louis – Video 5/31/13

Stormchasers’ Vehicle Gets Hit with Tornado Debris in Oklahoma – Raw Video 5/31/13


Watch Stormchaser Video of Tornado Touching Down near Oklahoma City – Raw Video 5/31/13

Video Shot from Storm Shelter Shows Moore, Oklahoma Tornado from the Inside – Raw Video 5/20/13

Stunning Video Captures Beginning of Monster Moore, Oklahoma Tornado – Raw Video 5/20/13


Storm Chaser Describes Watching “Nightmare Tornado” Form over Moore, Oklahoma – Video 5/20/13


BREAKING: Massive Tornado Devastates Moore, Oklahoma – Raw Video of Area 5/20/13 UPDATE: At Least 91 People Confirmed Dead

Violent Storms Spawn Tornadoes Across Oklahoma and Kansas; Mobile Home Park Leveled in Shawnee, OK – Video 5/19/13

Tornadoes Rip through North Texas Killing at Least Six People; Dozens Injured – Raw Video, Report – 5/15-16/13

Raw Videos of Tornado that Hit Hattiesburg, Mississippi; Causes Significant Damage – 2/10/13

Here is remarkable tornado video out of Kansas this weekend, uploaded to YouTube by “VideoSlang.”

Via Bill O’Reilly.com

Remarkable Kansas Tornado Video – 4/15/12

Amazing video from today in the Dallas, Texas area where tornadoes sent Tractor-Trailers flying through the air.

Dallas Tornado Sends Tractor-Trailers Flying through the Air – Video 4/3/12

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Here is a video report on rare tornadoes that hit near Detroit, Michigan yesterday, destroying more than 100 homes. The report shows video of the tornadoes.

Tornadoes Hit Near Detroit, Michigan; More than 100 Homes Destroyed – Video Report 3/16/12

Here is CNN showing video shot by a Kentucky man who caught a close view of the tornado that ripped through West Liberty, Kentucky on March 2.

Video Shows Close-Up View of Tornado that Ripped through West Liberty, Kentucky – 3/2/12

Here is video via the Louisville Courier-Journal on the devastation left behind by a tornado that struck New Pekin, Indiana. At least four people where killed there, and dozens were killed across Southern Indiana and Kentucky by a massive outbreak of storms yesterday, March 2.

Here is more Tornado video from hard-hit Borden, Henryville, and Marysville, Indiana – all towns not far from New Pekin, Indiana.

Video Shows Destruction Left Behind by Tornado that Struck New Pekin, Indiana – Video 3/2/12

UPDATED: Added the video above compiled by the Associated Press of the tornado near Henryville, Indiana. You can see it very well, and you can even see a few glimpses of smaller tornadoes (I’m not sure the correct term for that) trying to spin out of the large tornado moving along the ground.

NOTE:I have updated the headline to reflect that this tornado was shot near Henryville, and may be the same storm that went on Northeast to Marysville. Borden is to the Southwest of Henryville. When I originally posted the video, it was of a YouTube that said it was the storm that hit Marysville. I later found that this actually appears to be the original upload, and it says “Henryville Indiana Tornado Borden Clark County.” It appears the cities of Marysville, Henryville and Borden are not far away from each another. It may be there were multiple tornadoes, as seen in these various videos, or these videos may show the same tornado. I’m no weather expert. But it is fearsome to see what weather can produce. Our thoughts and prayers are with those impacted by these storms. If you happen to be from this area and can share some further insight, feel free to do so in the comments.

Here is raw video of the tornado that hit Marysville, Indiana today, March 2. This video is shot from a car and shows the tornado on the horizon. As the vehicle drives down the road, it gets closer to the tornado and you begin to see homes and vehicles already damaged by the tornado. Current news reports indicate there are at least six people dead in Indiana from tornadoes today, and some locals say the small town of Marysville, Indiana is essentially “gone.”

This video was uploaded by YouTube user “chadhinton”

UPDATE 1: Here’s more video from Indiana (via YouTube uploader “Lexirpotter”), this time from Borden, Indiana, where a tornado was captured from a driveway:

And more, this from Henryville, Indiana (via YouTube uploader “phillipjacob”):

Below is more of the tornado near Henryville, Indiana today (via YouTube uploader “crash4463″):

ALSO: Video Shows Destruction Left Behind by Tornado that Hit New Pekin, Indiana

Raw Video Shows Tornado that Tore Through Borden, Henryville, Marysville, Indiana Area – Raw Video 3/2/12 UPDATED with More IN Tornado Video

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