Raw Video Shows Tornado / Storm System over St. Louis – Video 5/31/13

Elderly Woman Finds Her Missing Dog Amid the Devastation of the Moore, Oklahoma Tornado – Video 5/20/13


Latest on the Devastating Moore, Oklahoma Tornado; Obama to Speak to Nation at 10 AM ET; Death Toll Revised Down to 24 – Update Post 5/21/13


BREAKING: Massive Tornado Devastates Moore, Oklahoma – Raw Video of Area 5/20/13 UPDATE: At Least 91 People Confirmed Dead

Raw Videos of Tornado that Hit Hattiesburg, Mississippi; Causes Significant Damage – 2/10/13

Here is remarkable tornado video out of Kansas this weekend, uploaded to YouTube by “VideoSlang.”

Via Bill O’Reilly.com

Remarkable Kansas Tornado Video – 4/15/12

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Here is a video report on rare tornadoes that hit near Detroit, Michigan yesterday, destroying more than 100 homes. The report shows video of the tornadoes.

Tornadoes Hit Near Detroit, Michigan; More than 100 Homes Destroyed – Video Report 3/16/12

Here is CNN showing video shot by a Kentucky man who caught a close view of the tornado that ripped through West Liberty, Kentucky on March 2.

Video Shows Close-Up View of Tornado that Ripped through West Liberty, Kentucky – 3/2/12

Here is raw video shot by a resident of Sedalia, Missouri, where a tornado hit part of the city this afternoon. So far, no fatalities have been reported, but there are injuries, and quite a bit of damage done.

This raw video catches the tornado briefly on tape.

Via KMBC U Local Page

Raw Video Captures Tornado that Struck Sedalia, Missouri Today – Video 5/25/11

Here is a video report on the outbreak of tornadoes that killed 13 people yesterday in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas:

WASHINGTON TIMES: Violent storms with winds of more than 150 mph slammed into a chunk of the central U.S. overnight, killing at least 13 people in three states, flattening homes, crushing cars and ripping apart a rural Arkansas fire station.

The high-powered storms arrived Tuesday night and early Wednesday, just days after a massive tornado tore up the southwest Missouri city of Joplin and killed 122 people.

The latest storms killed at least eight people in Oklahoma and two in Kansas before trekking east into Arkansas to claim three more lives. . . . Read More

At Least 13 Dead in Tornado Outbreak in Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas – Video Report 5/25/11

Here is a video report from Fox & Friends this morning on the devastating tornado that hit Joplin, Missouri late yesterday afternoon. They also report the current death toll at 89 people, which is expected to rise with 30% or more of the city destroyed. The report also includes some footage of the tornado itself on the ground.

Death Toll from Joplin, Missouri Tornado Now at 89; 30% or More of the City Destroyed – Video Report 5/23/11

The tornado that hit Joplin, Missouri late yesterday afternoon has left at least 89 people dead, with the toll expected to go higher. Some reports indicate up to 25%-30% of the city was destroyed.

The video above does not show much because it is a first-person video from inside a place where a group of people took shelter from the tornado – the lights were out. But you can hear them – and the storm – as it crosses their path. There is no indication as to what building this group was in, but you can hear what it was like for them to go through this devastating storm.

UPDATED 7:44 AM CT: Just saw this video played on CNN. They said the group was sheltering in a Convenience Store. Hope everyone was OK.

Raw Video Provides Sounds from Joplin Tornado as Group Takes Shelter – 5/22/11

Here is raw video of Joplin, Missouri TV Station KSN 16 showing the powerful tornado that hit Joplin today from their “towercam.” You can hear the frantic voices of the on air personalities as they realized they were looking at an on-the-ground tornado. You can see the tornado in the distance pretty well early on in the video, but as it gets closer to the tower, it becomes blurred as the TV folks urge everyone to take cover.

The storm is known to have killed 24 people, with that total expected to go higher.

Also: Aftermath VideoTV TowerCam Captures Powerful Tornado that Struck Joplin, Missouri – Raw Video 5/22/11

Utter devastation.

A major tornado has hit the Missouri city of Joplin late today, with reports that 24 people are now known to be dead. The raw video above shows utter devastation. Apparently, a hospital was hit, among other sites. We’ll post more information as we get it.

UPDATED 10:56 PM CT: TV TowerCam Captures Powerful Tornado that Struck Joplin, Missouri – Raw Video 5/22/11

Tornado Hits Joplin, Missouri – 24 People Reported Killed – Raw Video (Aftermath) 5/22/11

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Here is video from NBC News showing multiples scenes of the destruction in the U.S. Southeast caused by the incredible outbreak of Tornadoes. The death toll has now climbed to nearly 300 people.

More Video:

Tornado Death Toll Reaches Nearly 300; Scenes of Utter Devastation – Video 4/28/11

Here is incredible video of a mile-wide tornado that hit Tuscaloosa, Alabama last night. The tornado destroyed virtually everything in its path. Tornados in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, and Virginia yesterday killed at least 173 people, with many more injured or unaccounted for.

Here is the raw video of the tornado:

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UPDATED 8:27 AM CT: Here is more incredible home video of the twister.

Still More:

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“Mile-Wide” Tornado Devastates Tuscaloosa, Alabama – Video 4/27/11

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