President Trump Announces the United States Recognizes Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel – Complete Video 12/6/17

President Trump to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital at 1 PM ET; Will Begin Process of Moving U.S. Embassy – Video 12/6/17

Courageous! Reports Indicate President Trump will Recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel! Islamic Threats Already Begin – 12/5/17

President Trump Tells Palestinian Leader Abbas the “Funding” and “Rewarding” of Terrorists must End – Video 5/23/17

President Trump Arrives in Israel; Pledges “Unbreakable” Support for the “State of Israel”; “We Love Israel”; “We are with You” – Video 5/22/17

President Trump Delivers Powerful Remarks via Video on Holocaust Remembrance: “The Darkest Chapter of Human History”; “Never Again” – Video 4/24/17

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley: “The Days of Israel-bashing are Over” – Video 3/27/16

Trump Press Conference at Mar-A-Lago: Kerry Speech “Set Back” Peace Process; Strongly Defends Israel; Says “Time to Move on with our Lives” when Asked about Russia Sanctions – Video 12/28/16

“Morning Joe” Crew Discusses Trump’s Unprecedented Move to Block Obama’s Attempt to Humiliate Israel in the UN Security Council – Video 12/23/16

Trump Saves Israel from UN Security Council Resolution Obama was Ready to Support – 12/22/16

Trump Slaps Down Anti-Israel Questioner: “We are Going to Protect Israel 100 Percent – 100 Percent” – Video 6/30/16

Trump Receives Multiple Standing Ovations During Rousing AIPAC Speech – Complete Video 3/21/16

Donald Trump Says He will Support Israel “One-Thousand Percent” if Elected President – Video 10/27/15

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