Dem Sen. Joe Manchin: No Evidence “Whatsoever” of Collusion between Trump and Russia – Video 6/11/17

FBI Director James Comey to Testify Today on Russia Hacking, Trump Surveillance; Gorsuch Confirmation Hearing to Begin – Video Report 3/20/17

Sean Spicer Tells CNN it is “Irresponsible” to Demand Trump Detail Actions on Russia while Investigation is Still On-Going – Video 1/2/17

Kellyanne Conway: Unfortunate if Obama’s Russia Moves are Politically Motivated – Video 12/29/16

CBS Report: FBI Finds NO Connection between Donald Trump and Russia – Video Report 11/1/16

Eric Trump Destroys CNN Talking Heads after VP Debate; Shoots down Shameless Lies about Trump Ties to Russia; Slams Clinton Ties to Russia – Video 10/4/16

Trump on “Morning Joe” Talks Dealing with Putin: “At Least He’s a Leader, Unlike what We have in this Country. . . Our Country does Plenty of Killing Also, Joe” – Video 12/18/15

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